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5 Free CV Apps to Create a Beautiful Resume

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When you want to be sure you will get a job, the first step to take is to create an attention-grabbing CV. You can start creating your resume from scratch, although it can take you more time and energy. The quick and easiest way is to use a free CV builder application that guides you through the entire process. The applications have unique features that make the process interesting, and you can complete creating your CV in a few minutes. It is tiring searching for free CV apps, but you easily find good choices here. 


Applyya is a free web-based CV builder that does not put watermarks on your CV. You get access to multiple templates, fonts, and options for creating your perfect resume. To create a great resume, you only need to open the Applyya website and enter your URL. Once you hit the create free CV button, a page will open where you can begin to fill in your details. If you want to make the process much easier, expert resume services will help you create a professional CV fast. 

You are free to choose any color that impresses you, even if you want to use more than one color. It has a font feature that contains different font sizes where you can choose a font for the main heading, subheads, and other details. This makes your CV look organized and attractive even before recruiters read the details.

A photo on your resume can help add value to it. The app allows you to add your decent, latest photo to make your CV more appealing. During the process, you might feel you want to change a few things to make it more eye-catching. The app allows you to delete some sections and add new content to them. 


Canva Free feature is an excellent choice when you want to design a DIY CV. You don’t require any experience to use this feature which is full of readymade designs that you can use to create a professional looking resume. The application allows you to share your CV with other people to get feedback or approvals. 

If your friends like your newly built resume, you will be sure recruiters will like it too. The app is compatible with both computers and phones, meaning you can use it on any device. You will get a template that fits any industry, and if you need ideas, you can explore from the resources available on the website. 

There is a large online community you can join through this site to get more ideas on job applications, CVs, cover letters, and many more. If you want access to more features or professional CV writing services, you can opt for a premium package. 

Standard Resume 

Standard resume allows you to import your resume from LinkedIn or build it from scratch. You choose your preferred template from a pool of 12 professionally developed templates. The templates have a white background and minimum features so that you focus on the most important details. The templates are mobile-friendly when you want to view your CV on your phone. 

The app is best created for LinkedIn users seeking to build an ATS-compatible CV fast. It is a free app that is loaded with tips to help you create a better resume. Anytime you need inspiration, you have access to a range of resume examples. Once your CV is ready, you can start searching for remote jobs on their website. 


Hiration is an AI-powered CV-building application and career platform. Its key features include a resume builder, resume review, cover letter, and LinkedIn review. Its resume builder feature helps build a resume that impresses employers in seconds. It has a live editing feature that has an intuitive user interface that guides you through the process. 

You choose from 30 eye-catching design templates that can be customized for every job industry. The process is made easier by the tips and suggestions you get based on the information you type. The resume review feature allows you to review your ready resume against specific job field best practices. You can view how your resume scores and make adjustments. 

My Perfect Resume

My Perfect Resume gives you three options where you can either upload, use a template, or create a CV from scratch. As you use the tool, it provides you with recommendations and phrase suggestions that can make your CV more attractive if you use them. You can add more sections, such as accomplishments and certifications, if you wish. 

To use the app for free, download it but do not choose Save and next in the final step. Instead, choose Plain Text, and the free resume builder will download. It is the best choice for users who want an app that guides them throughout the process. The app has nine templates to use and has lesser customization options. 


These are all popular apps loved by millions of people worldwide who seek a professional CV that can convert their application into an interview call. And when the apps or any of the online resume tools don’t work, you can turn to expert essay writing services for your work. 

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