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8 Best Online 2D Animation Makers to Create Amazing Videos

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If you love making videos and want to tell your story without moving images, 2D animations are the best way to create them. Over the years, the animation sectors have evolved and moved forward. Currently, animations are used in many sectors, starting from cartoons to computer games and a lot more.

With the help of online 2D animations, designing and creating some amazing and epic 2D animation videos is quite convenient. We have handpicked some of the 8 best 2d animation software. Let’s discover them individually and figure out what suits your needs.

1- Doratoon

For 2d animation, you need to draw every frame one by one. For instance, if the character is walking, you’ll need to draw each character’s frame, which will cause limb loss. That’s where the Doratoon becomes helpful by providing hundreds of built-in templates.

With built-in templates, you can create any scene in your storytelling video, and each template comes with several slides. You can recreate and readjust the templates according to your creative instincts and use them in your 2d animation videos with simple operations – Drag & Drop.

It’s no less than a miracle to create 2d attractive and engaging videos without building every character and scene from scratch. However, Doratoon online 2D animation maker makes it quite convenient to create highly interesting and creative animation videos in no time.

Doratoon is the best 2d animation software with tons of customization and tools to build professional animation videos for various purposes, from business to education and content-creating.


  • Beginner-friendly platform to create attractive and professional-level animated videos.
  • It offers a wide range of professional tools, built-in templates, and props to use.


  • Limited storage for a free trial.

2- Powtoon

Powtoon is a 2d animation software that lets you create engaging and creative videos without having a powerful computer. It has 4 different modes that you can select to make your videos. Once you sign in powtoon, it shows 4 ways; 2d animation, cartoons, infographics, and whiteboard animation.

Moreover, it has the integration of plenty of videos from websites that provide a variety of media files for you to use in your videos to make them even more engaging. It’s an ideal platform for creating animated videos for business presentations, freelancing projects, or personal projects.


  • Ability to create animated video in no time


  • Some useful features are locked.

3- Flexclip

FlexClip is a free online video editor and video maker that you can use to create videos with text, music, animations, and more effects. Flexclip offer its users royalty-free music, high-quality videos and photos. The cloud-based video solutions enable you to create videos on different devices. After crafting your video, easily share it via a link, or post to social media and beyond.

4- Animaker

If you are looking for a platform where you can get everything in one place, look no further than the Animaker. It’s an online 2d animation maker website that lets you create animation videos by offering your 6 different modes, including handcrafts, infographics, and typography. 

With Animaker, you won’t need to face a separate hassle finding appropriate music tracks and sound effects for your animated video. There are 200 different sound effects and 100+ background music tracks within the interface of the Animaker.


  • 200 sound effects and 100 plus background music tracks.


  • Lack of video style.

5- RenderForest

If you are looking for a 2d and 3d animation all in one, renderforest is the one. It lets you create 2d and 3d animated videos in one place. With up to 200 built-in video templates, you can easily give your imagination an attractive visual that’ll make it appealing and simpler for others to understand your ideas and story.

However, there’s one thing about the renderforest that you may keep in mind: paid software and the price is a bit higher. After the hands-on experience with renderforest, you’ll need to buy the plan to continue making animated content.


  • Ability to share video directly to social platforms.


  • Need a high-speed internet connection.


Whether you need to create an animated video for a large enterprise, small business, education, or partners, it has 4 specified modes for each sector. And, with 175 million media integration makes it the biggest and only one in its kind to provide such a big treasure of different videos, sound effects, and background music tracks.

Moovly is an ideal choice if you want to create any type of business video. It’ll surely provide you with the best-desired results, as it’s focused on serving the business and education sector. However, the slow internet might sometimes make things clunky while creating a video.


  • Won startup award.


  • Lack of video styles.

7- Animarton

Animarton web-based online animation maker, lets you create 2d animation explainer videos to HTML banners videos which makes it quite the unique platform. However, beginner users might find this difficult to use because of its advanced features.

But, it’s the 2d animation and whiteboard animation maker platform for those with technical knowledge and the skill to create creative content. Moreover, it has 500k built-in video clips and a feature to import your audio.


  • Allows you to import your audio files for voiceover and background music.


  • Some advanced features are difficult to use for beginners.


Finding a 2d animation maker isn’t that hard. However, finding free animation software is a difficult task. Plenty of animation maker websites offer free services, but for a limited time period and mostly support 7 days of trial.

If you want a free 2d animation maker, look no further than motionDen. It offers you a variety of video styles, with a vast ability to make adjustments to your animated video.

MotionDen free animation software enables you to create 2 animated and many more video styles with weekly updated templates. It allows you to play with the text settings and import your music and video clips directly to the motionDen in no time.


  • Templates are weekly updated.


  • Downloading the videos without watermark requires buying the paid version.


If you want a pure 2d animated cartoon maker platform, toonator is the ideal choice. It is anime software that lets you create cartoon videos from scratch and with the ability to import your own. For instance, if you want some edits to the cartoon video, toonator will let you import into the interface and edit it in no time.

Moreover, this animation software-free platform supports fill integration, making it the only one of its kind. If you want to draw your creative instincts on a tablet with a pen or a touch screen, toonator has got your back. It provides you with the ultimate platform to unleash your creative instincts the way you want to.


  • Excellent tool for beginners to start creating 2d animated videos.


  • Doesn’t have any advanced features.

 Final Thoughts     

Creating 2d and 3d animation videos isn’t a new thing in today’s era. However, creating them without a powerful computer, resources and skill might seem impossible. In this article, we discussed the 8 best 2d online animation makers that let you create 2d animation videos online. 

Every platform is one in its kind, however, the Doratoon seems a universal option that provides plenty of features for every type of user from business to education and content creators. 

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