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Advantages of High Waisted Cheeky Bikini

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Listen up ladies, you no longer have to fear those bikini moments in your life, the ones that make you suck, the ones that make you feel insecure, or the ones that make you have a good time in the water. Will stop spending. A new fashion trend is here to stay and you will absolutely love it.

Women all over the world have been captivated by the growing high waisted cheeky bikini trend that has been going strong for almost two years now and isn’t slowing down in popularity anytime soon. If you are not yet involved with this fashion trend, then you will surely read this article once. Here’s why.

It is in retro style

Retro refers to the imitation of trends, music, fashion or attitude from a certain era in the past. People have come to appreciate that some things are just better in their old form: wine, furniture, clothes – and more recently and most importantly: swimwear, accessories, etc.

Current swimwear designers have resorted to reinventing the retro swimwear that used to emphasize a feminine figure without revealing everything – just think Grace Kelly. – rather than the pure exhibitionism that has been flooding the swimwear market in recent years. The high waisted cheeky bikini brought back elegance and class.

Perfect for any body type

High waisted cheeky bikinis will undoubtedly look flattering on any figure, but let’s focus on the oh-so-hourglass figure. Finding a bikini that perfectly flatters an hourglass figure can be difficult and choosing the wrong one can be damaging to one’s self-esteem.

If your bust and hips are well-proportioned and you have a small midsection, you’re most likely a classic hourglass figure. Do you want to hear some good news? Your shape is perfect for this bikini style as it will draw attention to your slimmer part, your waist.

Your bottom will stay on

Have you ever experienced that embarrassing moment when you are getting out of the water and suddenly all eyes are on you and you don’t know why? Then you looked down and noticed that your bikini wasn’t where it was supposed to be. Not only were you self-conscious about your appearance before, but now you are solely focused on it. Don’t ruin your summer experience by worrying more about it. With high waisted cheeky bikini bottoms you’ll be free to move around the water carefree.

High-waisted bikinis hit the scene a few years ago and have maintained their place in trendy swimwear. However, the question is whether they are flattering or not. The good news is that they are, but they tend to be more flattering on certain body types and that’s what the list is sinking into.

Lots of design options

You will be able to express your unique style and taste as there are many different designs and styles of high waisted cheeky bikinis. You can choose from a strong block color, a playful printed style, a bikini with halter straps or a cutout wrap bikini, a bra top style bikini and many more.

Great swimwear

Another great thing about these bikinis is that you don’t have to limit your use to the beach or the pool. You can pull off a glamorous look by wearing a Kameymall high waisted cheeky bikini as an swimwear.

Pair a sheer midi skirt or a sheer midi dress with your bikini and you’ll look like a movie star or a VIP. The best part is that you won’t need a spanx underneath to prevent you from breathing or feeling comfortable.


If celebrities wear them, why wouldn’t you?

If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of getting a high waisted cheeky bikini for your next vacation, we’ve got an ace up our sleeve. By doing some research online, you’ll come across some big celebrities – Taylor Swift and Beyonce (to name a few) – who have become staunch supporters of this bikini trend. Aren’t you glad you at least tried them now?

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