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Azalea EHR VS Valant EHR: Two Behavioral Health Titans!

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Medical professionals have always said adapting to the changing healthcare norms is not so easy. Running clinical practices is like a “tough row to hoe” as providers encounter unexpected problems every day. And thus, they take every opportunity that they can to ease their lives. Providers can’t get through the day without the assistance of EHR solutions these days. But, choosing from the mountain of EHR solutions is also a tough decision to make as the fate of medical practices depends on it. 

One spurious decision can bring down the whole life efforts of care providers. The case becomes even more complex when looking for specialty-specific solutions. To ease the worries of medical providers, we have taken the initiative to help them choose the best-of-breed specialty-specific solutions. And this article is centered around two quality behavioral health solutions. One is Azalea EHR, and the other is Valant EHR. Just because both these are behavioral health EHRs, doesn’t mean you can pick any of them. 

And this is where practitioners do themselves wrong by going for shortcuts. You can’t just go around following the crowd, for every practice has personalized needs. You have to pick a solution capable of adapting to your needs. It is the only way you can succeed in the healthcare industry. So, what you have to do is shortlist the EHR solutions and then compare them. The shortlisting part for behavioral health is already done. So, let’s begin the Azalea EHR vs Valant EHR comparison. 

Azalea EHR VS Valant EHR: A Thorough Comparison:

This Azalea EHR vs Valant comparison will focus more on the features offered and integrated capabilities than their general overview. It is to get you accustomed to the services provided by these vendors so you can make an effectual decision. So, let’s start this Azalea EHR vs Valant comparison with the feature range of Azalea EHR. 

Azalea EHR Features:

The first thing clients look for in EHR solutions is comprehensive workflows. Simply put, they seek all-inclusive solutions, and Azalea Health EHR is one hell of an all-inclusive platform. Combining EHR, PM, and RCM services, it nurtures smooth behavioral health workflows for practitioners. Azalea Health EHR team recognized the opportunity to create an IT platform that helps engage patients and improve healthcare efficiency of behavioral health practices. 

In doing so, the following are the features Azalea medical software focuses on. 

Customizable Forms:

Azalea EHR comes with customizable templates and forms so clients can mold it to fit their personalized needs. It gives them room to adjust the software to their liking, boosting their clinical efficiency and staff effectiveness. Also, Azalea Health EHR comes with a clinical library of innovative tools to fulfill the diverse needs of medical professionals. 

DSM-IV Codes:

The vendor takes pride in featuring DSM-IV codes (mental health disorder codes). This is an incentive from Azalea’s end to take providers in confidence. These built-in codes are available at no additional price and help input mental health data directly into patient charts, bills, and more. It cuts down the data entry process and also minimizes the error-induced elements. 

Collaborative Charting:

This solution works best for multi-location practices as it allows for collaborative charting. Psychiatrists can create customizable charts that everyone on the healthcare team can edit readily. This proactive approach to delivering optimal patient care helps Azlea gain an unprecedented position in the market. In addition, all the changes are autosaved, so there’s no chance of losing credible insights from the teammates. 

Valant EHR Features:

Valant EHR is designed explicitly for behavioral health providers and thus makes clinical processes easier for practitioners. Built on a behavioral health interface, this solution takes pride in leveraging knowledge-based tools and services. This one-in-a-kind solution provides care providers with integrated functionalities so they can focus more on delivering optimal care than on administrative tasks. With the intuitive yet low-cost features of Valant EMR, running a profitable practice is not hard to accomplish the aim. 

With that said, let’s explore the features Valant EHR software offers for affordable pricing. 

PDMP Integration:

Valant is a thoughtful EHR inclined to improving the health of all mental health patients. Now providers don’t have to worry about accessing their relevant state’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program database. As Valant EHR features PDMP integrations to keep clients focused at no additional cost. This time-saving and productive feature works in over 43 states of the US for the provision of better care. 

Assessment Automation:

Valant boosts clinical productivity by getting providers equipped with their patient’s medical history and illness before they step foot in the examination room. The automated assessment is an incredible service that maximizes the efficiency of medical practices. Know that it is a digitized process and thus saves patients from the tiring paperwork. Care providers can even create customized intake forms. 

Group Therapy: 

Valant is a versatile behavioral health software that allows conducting group therapy sessions. Conducting group therapy has always been a hassle, but this software makes it a breeze. It makes therapy time efficient by allowing for a one-page workflow to make note-taking easier for therapists. The tools like adaptable scheduling and robotic clinical documentation add value to group therapy sessions. 

Final Thoughts:

Know that this was a trivial end from our end to present the distinctive features of Azalea medical software and Valant EHR. This Azalea Health vs Valant comparison didn’t take into account the basic and standard features of both vendors. So before making the buying decision, don’t forget to schedule a demo. Even without the demo, it is pretty evident that these platforms differ in their functioning. 

Valant EHR is more effective and competent as it is packed with tech-savvy functionalities and even covers group therapy sessions. Thus, we recommend it for scalable organizations. For basic level therapeutic practices, Azalea health EHR is a go. Know that the cost structures of Azalea medical software and Valant EHR are also of utmost importance. But unfortunately, Azalea and Valant EHR have not shared their pricing plans. You should request a quote, though, to finalize your decision.

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