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Benefits of anti-termite treatment

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Would you love it if termites broke into your construction and became an issue later? Of course, you, as a contractor, won’t like it. For this, Anti termite Abu Dhabi provides a reliable service for your construction site to protect against termites for wood, soil, wood masonry, or anything which can be affected by termites.

The anti-termite process has become essential for every construction. At the time of excavation, termites can popup from the ground and might become a problem. Anti-termite becomes a barrier for them, as are certain chemicals applied.

There are many benefits to hiring Anti-Termite Treatment in Abu Dhabi. Let’s hear them, respectively.

  • The Anti-termite treatment helps to protect the concrete structures. The concrete structures are also vulnerable to termites.
  • Woods are most affected by termites. The anti-termites process prevents termites from damaging the wood of the building.
  • The post-treatment is much more cost-effective than the pre-termite process for construction.
  • You only have to invest one time for this process, and it will protect your construction site from termites for a long-time.
  • The process will fill up the gaps and become a barrier for termites coming from the underground.
  • Our Pest control experts and workers will be covering all parts of your construction site, so it can be protected from termites.
  • The process doesn’t require much labor work, so reducing the cost of the work. We use chemicals that are less expensive compared to other treatments.
  • With the Anti-termite process, you can reduce the number of risks for your soil, wood, and construction site.

Types of Anti-Termite Processes

There are two common anti-termite processes; let’s check them out.

·       Pre-Construction Anti-termite Process

In this, there is a chemical treatment performed on the foundation and the soil to stop termites from going underground. It is known as the Pre-construction Anti-termite process. There is an anti-termite chemical known as Chlorpyrifos or Lindane;a drill machine, Sprayer, and measuring cane are used in this process.

The experts lay out the chemical on all sides of the foundation, making a barrier for termites to enter the construction site.

·       Post-Construction Anti-Termite Process

As the name says, the process takes place after the desired construction is finished completely. The expert seeks the gaps in the construction and looks for gaps where termites could enter the building. After that, they fill up the gaps with anti-termite chemicals. So, termites have no entry into the building.

Precautions For Treatment

There are certain precautions that you should follow during the treatment of the construction. Here are they: –

  • The one who’s doing the treatment must be an expert in their work, so the work can be carried out easily.
  • The workers should wear masks and gloves, as the chemicals are toxic and aren’t good for human health.
  • No one should touch the chemicals until they are following proper rules and regulations.
  • The treatment should not take place if there is a chance of rain.
  • There should be proper analysis and measures before the treatment starts.


In a nutshell, Anti-termite Process Abu Dhabi is an ideal choice if termites are an obstacle on your construction site. We have discussed the precautions, benefits, and types of processes.

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