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Best Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog For Chilli Lovers

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Have you ever eaten at a restaurant, taken an incredible photograph of your food, and wished you could recreate it? That is why I started this hot chilli food and travel blog! Whether you want to improve your diet or travel the world, hot chillies can help.

On my blog, you’ll find some spicy recipes that pack a punch and plenty of resources to help you feel confident in your journey to a healthier lifestyle. If you want to travel the world while eating spicy food, my blog has plenty of travel tips and destination guides to help you get there.

If you have any questions, please let me know! I hope you enjoy my writing as much as I enjoyed visiting each of the locations featured on my website. If you like what you see, please share this post with your social media friends (links are included below).

Hot chillies are any chili pepper species with a hot taste and moderate to extreme spice, burning sensation, and spiciness. They give foods a piquant (hot or spicy) flavor.

When consumed in small doses, the hotter varieties of chilli can be mildly addictive because they stimulate nerve endings, providing pleasurable sensations.

If these sensations are consumed in excess, they quickly turn into pain. Eating extremely hot chillies has been described as feeling like your mouth is on fire.

Hot Chilli Health Benefits

Chilies are well known for increasing metabolic rate and stimulating fat burning; studies show that consuming capsaicinoids (the active ingredient in chillies) increases energy expenditure by approximately 150 calories per day.

This effect lasts as long as your body is exposed to them, so eating spicy foods will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Furthermore, eating a lot of chillies lowers LDL cholesterol levels (aka “bad” cholesterol), lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. Capsaicin, according to researchers, stimulates intestinal bile acid production, which increases excess cholesterol excretion.

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Finally, if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, eating a lot of chillies may help lower your blood glucose levels. According to one study, consuming half a teaspoon of red pepper daily for three months reduced fasting blood glucose and increased insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes.

More research on these potential benefits, however, is required. So, the next time someone asks if you want some spice with your meal, say yes. It could be extremely beneficial to your health!

Hot Chilli Food and Travel Blog

1. Chili Pepper Madness

Mike came up with Chili Pepper Madness after becoming obsessed with chili peppers, hot sauce, and spicy food. ChiliPepperMadness, based in Charlotte, NC, shares spicy recipes.

The blog features international hot recipes, classic American dishes, and hot sauce recipes. You can watch their videos on YouTube and read their blog for even more fiery inspiration!

Chili Pepper Madness has a large selection of Hot Sauces.

There are so many recipes and so little time. He will save you time and money by focusing on recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare or don’t require a lot of ingredients. That way, you’ll have more time to do things like run errands, catch up with friends, or read a good book!

He cooks with a variety of exotic spices, so his dishes can be spicy. He does, however, make each recipe customizable to individual tastes and heat tolerance levels. They believe it is not only about the heat but also the flavor.

2. Sinfully Spicy

Tanvi moved to the United States and began to miss her homeland. Cooking became a way for her to reconnect with her culture, so she began sharing her recipes on the internet.

Tanvi, who lives in Las Vegas, shares North Indian recipes that she cooks, ranging from main dishes to side dishes and desserts. Her blog is chock-full of delectable recipes that are bursting with spice and flavor. There are both vegetarian and meat-based options.

Sinfully Spicy recipes take a multicultural approach to Indian cooking, so expect traditional Indian dishes as well as modern twists on family favorites. I also use their culinary fusion ideas to create delicious and simple meals!

3. Korean Bapsang

Hyosun’s love of cooking stems from her Korean family’s traditions and culture. She began blogging about Korean recipes in 2009 to teach her children about their heritage.

In addition to the New York Times and Washington Post, Hyosun has been featured in the Huffington Post, Marie Claire, Saveur, and many other publications.

It can be difficult to find authentic, easy-to-make spicy recipes. Fortunately, Hyosun has more than 50 on her blog, each with simple instructions and information on where to find the ingredients. Try her Gochujang recipe or her Korean Fried Chicken with spicy sauce.

Hyosun is a food blogger who creates a lot of spicy recipes that people enjoy reading and making. Her most popular recipe is spicy Tteokbokki (spicy stir-fried rice cakes).

Hot Chilli Food You Ought to Eat

Eating hot chilli food not only provides a warm and spicy flavor, but it also stimulates your body. As a result, in order to stay healthy, we should consume more of these foods. Here are eight different types of hot chilli food to try.

1. America’s Suicide Chicken Wings

This spicy food dish has nothing to dislike about it. It’s not called “suicide chicken wings” for no reason. Do you want to learn more about the suicide mission?

This dish contains chopped chilies, hot red chili sauce, pepper, and additional red chili flakes. This dish contains Korean, Mexican, and Chinese peppers, and it’s no surprise that it’s called “suicide” if you’re not used to spicy foods.

2. China’s Sichuan Hot-Pot:

This spicy dish is primarily consumed in the winter to increase blood flow and is a type of hot pot that can cause your tongue to go numb from the hot spiciness. A popular hot pot dish provides food to suit everyone’s tastes.

Onions, garlic, ginger, and Sichuan peppers are the main ingredients, along with a variety of meats such as pork, beef, or poultry, as well as vegetables, mushrooms, and offal such as duck blood and pig’s brain. Soy sauce, fish sauce, and vegetables are also included in this pot.

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Diners can request extra chilies and chili oil if they want more spice. Keep your mouth shut because many foreigners have complained about being unable to taste anything for weeks due to it being numb!

3. Original Doozy dry-rubbed boneless wings

Wing Doozy is located in West Michigan and serves creatively styled wings with a variety of sauces. While you’re there, try their boneless chicken bites. The boneless dry rub chicken is cooked fresh to order and topped with all of the same delectable spices and sauces as traditional wings.

The dry-rubbed boneless wings at Wing Doozy are one example of how their flavors are always on point. When you combine that with the ability to enjoy your food without worrying about bones or making a mess, it’s clear that Wing Doozy is a winner when it comes to whole-wing dishes.

If you want fries or onion rings to go with your whole wing, you’re in for a treat!

4. Wings with lemon pepper and chilli

Lemon pepper chicken wings from Atlanta’s Wing Factory will have your taste buds doing backflips. Because crispy fried skin and chicken breast are traditional flavors for entrees, the flavor is natural on wings.

Wing Factory has milder options to go with blue cheese and veggies for those looking for something less spicy. The restaurant’s friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere are a winning combination.

Wing Factory serves a variety of mouthwatering sides, such as tater tots and house-cut fries, in addition to its amazing chicken wings—everyone will find their favorite!

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