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Mixing and Matching: Combining Square and Kitkat Tiles in Your Interior

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Tiles are a flexible and useful option for many areas in interior design. Tiles provide countless modification and creative opportunities for everything from floors to backsplashes and decorative walls. But have you ever thought about combining various tile shapes and designs for a genuinely distinctive look? 

The world of square and kitkat tiles will be examined in this article, along with how fusing these two forms can up your interior design game. Everything will be covered, including various uses, pattern combos, finishes, and upkeep advice. This guide will motivate you to play with these traditional tile shapes and produce something genuinely unique in your house, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned designer.

Applications of Square and Kitkat Tiles

The options are limitless when it comes to pavers. Two common choices that have many uses in interior design are square tiles and kitkat tiles. The following are some of the most typical applications for these bricks in your home:

  • Flooring: A timeless option for flooring, square tiles provide strength and adaptability in a variety of designs and materials. Any interior design style can be complemented by square tiles, which come in both modern porcelain and earthy terracotta. On the other hand, Kitkat tiles are a more contemporary choice that can be used to design distinctive designs or borders on your surfaces. Your Granite flooring can have a lively and fascinating appearance if you combine square and kitkat tiles.
  • Backsplashes: Square tiles are a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. They offer a practical and easy-to-clean surface while also adding a touch of style to the space. Kitkat tiles can be used to create a bold accent or unique pattern on your backsplash, adding texture and visual interest.
  • Accent Walls: Square tiles and Fishscale tiles, either in a single hue or in a design, can be used to make a spectacular accent wall. This is a fantastic method to give an area depth and texture without overpowering it. Whether making a strong statement or adding a delicate pattern, Kitkat tiles can be used to create a distinctive accent wall.
  • Shower Walls: Square tiles are a common option for bathroom walls because they provide a useful, impermeable surface that is simple to maintain. Kitkat tiles can be used to make a distinctive design or accent in your bathtub, giving your bathroom a little extra flair and individuality. 

Square and kitkat tiles can be used for tables, stoves, and other things in addition to these uses. These tiles are a preferred option for many interior designers and residents due to their adaptability and toughness. Both can be used as Bathroom Tiles and Laundry Tiles.

Playing with Patterns: Creative Ways to Combine Square and Kitkat Tiles

Mixing and matching square and kitkat tiles is a fun and creative way to add depth and interest to your interior design. By combining different shapes and patterns, you can create unique and eye-catching looks. Here are some creative ways to play with patterns when using square and kitkat tiles:


The classic checkerboard pattern is a timeless choice for a range of interior design styles. To create this pattern, alternate two colors of square tiles in a grid pattern. For a modern twist, use kitkat tiles instead of square tiles for a more textured and dynamic look.


The herringbone pattern is a popular choice for adding texture and visual interest to floors and walls. To create Herringbone tiles pattern, lay square tiles at a 45-degree angle to form a zigzag pattern. Kitkat tiles can be used to create a more dramatic herringbone pattern with a mix of textures.


The diagonal pattern is a quick and easy method to give your interior decor visual appeal. Lay square tiles crosswise to form a diamond design to make this one. Use kitkat tiles to combine textures and hues for a more dynamic appearance.


A distinctive and eye-catching choice for accent walls or floors is the pinwheel design. Use four square tiles to make the middle of the design, and then add kitkat tiles in the outer edges in a contrasting color.


The basketweave pattern is a time-honored option for giving your interior design substance and dimension. This design is made by alternating square tiles in a horizontal and vertical pattern to create the appearance of knitted fabric. To create a more dynamic appearance, use kitkat tiles in a contrasting hue or pattern.


A daring and distinctive option for decorative walls or floors is the windmill design. Use four square tiles to make a cube in the middle of the design, and then add kitkat tiles around the borders, placed at a 45-degree angle to form a windmill shape.

Combining square and kitkat tiles is a fun and inventive way to add personality and style to your interior design because there are so many different pattern choices available.

Square and Kitkat Tile Finishes: Matte, Glossy, or Textured?

There are many different textures available for square and kitkat tiles, each with a distinct look and advantages. Matte, shiny, and textured are the top three textures. Let’s examine each one more closely and discover what makes it unique.

Matte Finish

The smooth, non-reflective surface of matte finish tiles makes them perfect for achieving a subtle, understated appearance. They are a popular option for contemporary and minimalist homes where emphasis is placed on minimalism. Matte tiles and rectangular tiles are a practical option for high-traffic places because they are less likely to reveal smudges and fingerprints. But because they tend to hold onto grime and stains, they can be trickier to clean than their glossy peers.

Glossy Finish

Glossy finish tiles have a glossy, mirrored surface that gives them a polished appearance. They add depth and volume to a room, making them a popular option for both modern and traditional designs. Glossy tiles and Black Granite are also simple to clean because of how little grime and spots they let through their smooth surface. They are less suited for cooking and toilet surfaces because they can become more slick when wet.

Textured Finish

The rough, irregular surface of textured finish tiles gives them a haptic, earthy appearance. They are a well-liked option for rural and bohemian homes, which prefer natural textures and materials. Textured tiles are a useful option for restroom and kitchen surfaces because they are slip-resistant and can add depth and character to a space. However, because of the possibility of grime and stains getting stuck in the crannies due to their uneven surface, they may be trickier to clean than tiles with a glossy finish.

Consider your general interior design style and functional requirements when selecting a texture for your square and kitkat tiles. Take the time to evaluate your choices and select the finish that is best for your area because each finish has particular advantages and disadvantages of its own.

Maintaining Square and Kitkat Tiles

Maintaining Square tiles and kitkat tiles is essential to ensure their longevity and keep them looking their best. Here are some tips and tricks for cleaning and maintaining your tiles:

  • Regular Cleaning

Your square and kitkat tiles must be cleaned frequently to remain in excellent shape. Clean the tiles with a wet mop or towel after cleaning the floor with a sweeper or vacuum to clear any loose grime and detritus. Avoid using cleaning brushes or abrasive cleansers because they might damage the stones’ surface.

  • Sealing

In high-traffic places like kitchens and restrooms, sealing your floors can help prevent stains and scratches. Choose a sealant that is suitable for the sort of tile you have, and closely follow the manufacturer’s directions.

  • Stain Removal

If you see a stain on your flooring, take fast action to clean it up before it becomes permanent. Scrub the afflicted region carefully using a soft towel or sponge and a gentle cleaning solution. Because they can harm the tiles, stay away from using harsh solvents or abrasive instruments.

  • Grout Maintenance

The substance used to cover the spaces between stones is called grout, and over time, it can gather grime. Cleaning and protecting your grout on a regular basis can help stop stains and discolouration. After cleaning the grout with a grout cleanser and a stiff-bristled brush, give it a good washing with water.

  • Preventing Damage

Maintaining the durability of your tiles requires taking preventative measures. To avoid scratches, don’t put anything weighty onto the tiles, and place felt cushions on the bottoms of furniture legs. Additionally, stay away from using corrosive or abrasive cleansers because they can harm the tiles’ surface.

You can keep your square and kitkat tiles looking their finest for many years by using the maintenance advice provided here. While taking measures to avoid damage can help extend the life of your tiles, regular cleaning, sealing, and grout upkeep can help prevent stains and damage.


Regardless of whether you favor a traditional or contemporary look, square and kitkat tiles offer countless design options for any indoor area. These tiles can improve the aesthetics of your house or place of business thanks to their inventive designs and distinctive finishes. However, they need the right maintenance and care to stay beautiful and durable.

Understanding the uses for square and kitkat tiles, experimenting with designs, learning about various finishes, and picking up some upkeep hints will help you keep your tiles looking great for many years to come. The correct tiles and proper maintenance will give you a stunning and long-lasting flooring solution, whether you choose a sleek and glossy finish or a natural textured appearance.

Always keep in mind when selecting your tiles your particular taste, the functional requirements of your area, and the distinctive qualities of each finish. By adhering to these rules, you can design a beautiful and useful environment that expresses your personality and accommodates your utilitarian requirements.

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