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Desert Safari Dubai | One of My Best Travel Experience in Dubai Desert

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Desert Safari Dubai Experience

Everything seemed to be leading to this point. So, you can imagine how happy I was to discover that I didn’t have to keep reading about the desert. You should not leave the Emirate until you’ve been on a Desert Safari Dubai. I want to go back to the beach in the future and try out some of the other things I can do there. I would, to be honest.

Overall, the desert is one of the most exciting places I’ve ever been, and the safari is one of the most enjoyable ways I’ve ever traveled to get there. I hope you’re ready for an exciting trip because that’s what a desert safari Dubai will be like. I think the trip will be quite an adventure, especially if it’s the first time you’ve done it.

I had never been in the middle of a desert before, but it was just like I had imagined it. I’m amazed as I look out at the huge landscape in front of me and try to connect what I’ve seen on TV and in books to what I’m seeing for the first time. In both stories, the camels move slowly, but the ground isn’t a uniform brown color. Instead, it’s fine, reddish-yellow sand that melts through the cracks in your fingers.

I can’t help but think of the ocean when I look at this landscape. The way the sand seems to come to life and change with the sun’s moods makes me think of the ocean. Aside from their apparent differences, water may reflect the sun’s rays to make it shine like diamonds. Still, the sand seems to resemble the sun’s mood most closely.

Into The Desert Of Dubai

Geological features like sand dunes and slipping surfaces are things I know a little bit about because I’ve done a little bit of research on geography. The sand dunes get more beautiful as you go deeper into the Arabian Desert, often to places where the wind is stronger.

It’s a rare treat to see the desert in what people in Dubai call “winter.” When I step out of the car and into the desert and feel the cold wind on my face, those are the first things I think about. I’d hate to live here in the summer.

As we stop at one of the planned spots, we can get a feel for the area before heading to our final destination, an Arabian camp in the middle of the desert. Our drivers load the van here before we go on our Desert Safari Dubai.

Our cars are small 4×4 vans that can seat six people plus the driver. Before going out into the desert, it looks like the wheels are deflated, probably so they can better handle the uneven and soft surface. 

Early in the safari, the sand is pretty even and the ride is smooth. Still, as you go deeper into the desert, the landscape changes and the ride gets more exciting. When I say “floating,” I mean that your bottom could be a couple of inches above the seat. Put yourself on an indoor roller coaster with rapid left and right turns. Everyone has to stay in their seats and buckle up. Not terrifying, but maybe bring a doggy bag in case you become too queasy.

Sand Dune & Activities

The drivers know how to get around the area well, but traveling with them can sometimes be confusing. Looking back at the other jeeps zipping over the landscape, you may be surprised to see that you, too, have just driven over those massive humps and dips, like witnessing an ant climb up the side of a basketball.

The second stop is a long way into the desert. I don’t recall the exact distance, but it had to be at least 20 minutes since the last visit. The driver gave us extra time to “play” before sunset. Most people don’t do unnecessary things like sandboarding or motorcycling. Instead, they run up the slipping surface of a sand dune, sit on top, and pose for pictures.

By the time we finally left our second stop, the sun had already started to go down. We quickly packed up the cars and drove to the base. The distance between the third and last stops was shorter than the distance between the first two; by this time, I was getting used to the bumpy ride.

The Adventurous Desert Safari Camp

When we got to the entrance of the best desert Safari camp, there were only a few minutes of light left, so I had to make the most of them. It was hard to take pictures of the horizon and the camel. Even though seeing a camel up close was interesting, I decided not to ride one. I think that being there is the best way to experience something fully.

Inside the camp, it feels like you’re at a carnival. The dining tables are set up in rows on a large carpet, and guests sit on cushions instead of chairs. The stage is an essential part of the camp. There are stands where you can buy food and drinks, including alcohol. You can get a henna tattoo at another, and at a third, you can smoke shisha (with juice) outside.

The Arabic food on the buffet is pretty typical: falafel, samosas, beans, pita bread, and salad greens with tahini sauce. If I remember right, there were also grits there. The best parts were roast lamb and seafood cooked on a grill. Some people might not like the strong smell and taste the spices give off, but that shouldn’t be taken as a sign of the dishes good. I think they also served macaroni to kids and to adults who just wanted something simple and familiar. The sweet tasted like a fruit salad with condensed milk and pie crust crumbs on top.

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