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English Proficiency Tips for International Students

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English proficiency is of huge importance to international students as they need it to open a door to various job opportunities abroad. Without it, they won’t be able to bag good career opportunities. Living abroad is not an easy task, especially if you lack English proficiency. For sure, the students can travel abroad only after providing proof of English proficiency in the form of valid English proficiency assessment test scores. However, they must work on their English proficiency even after that to bag excellent career opportunities. 

How would it feel when someone has studied abroad but lacks a profound English proficiency? Of course! This is not going to seem good. It is not that English is a sign of intelligence. It is just common sense that you lived in a nation and learned this language for 14 years in your hometown, but you still lack proficiency in the language. Therefore, make sure to polish your English proficiency. 

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English proficiency tips for international students:

Learn the following pointers to improve your English proficiency as an international student. 

Oxford Guide to English Grammar 

Well, if you like learning the English language then, you must access the pdf of Oxford Guide to English Grammar which is available for free over the web. Surely, the book has illustrated every rule of English grammar in the best way possible to help the readers understand the rules in an organized manner. Therefore, access this wonderful book and get the best knowledge of the English language in just one source. 


There are an incredible number of novels that await your attention. You can read them to boost your interest in reading the English language. Yes, believe us, reading novels can help you boost your interest in reading the English language. Therefore, if you don’t like reading English, read novels that are authored by famous authors. 

Understand that novels are the wonderful imagination of a wonderful person who is able to convert his imagination into words incredibly. Therefore, browse the web to learn the names of top English novels and download the pdf of novels that are available for free. 


Never skip learning three words daily from your English dictionary as these words will truly help you gain a strong proficiency in the language. English proficiency is nothing if you lack proficiency in vocabulary. Therefore, make sure that you have a dictionary in a paper format and then, find a wonderful location where you can explore new words daily. Also, highlighting the words with a marker will help you revise them efficiently. 


Communicate in English to gain fluency, if not, then communicate to your reflection in the mirror. Yes, you have to converse in English to boost your confidence and ability to make sentences quickly. Therefore, try to communicate with your reflection to check how excellently you can convert your thoughts into the English language. Also, try thinking in the English language and avoid taking the help of translations. 

Read a newspaper 

You don’t love reading newspapers but believe that the newspaper has a few wonderful articles that can align with your interests, therefore, never hesitate to go through a newspaper to find the articles that you can read. 

A newspaper has articles pertinent to science, history, and general topics that you can read and learn new vocab words. 

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The language of a nation plays a very important role for the citizens living there. English proficiency tips are important for achieving success as an international student. Yes, it is very strenuous to acquire success without a profound English proficiency. We hope that applying the tips that we have defined above will make it possible for you to develop proficiency in the language. 

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