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Foods That Are Actually Bad For Your Child

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Feeding your child is not easy. Children, at least most of them, are picky eaters, so, planning a menu is very hard. At times, parents are happy simply with their child eating, does not matter what.

Then, there are many myths and misinformation also present when it comes to the foods that are good for children. Many women fall for the trap of the advertisements, many have to buy into it because of their children as well.

Overall, the lack of knowledge about child nutrition, and the poor dietary choices that are then made have a grave impact on the child’s health.

It can not only cause issues with their growth and development, but bad food choices can also make immune system weak, meriting then the constant intervention of a Pediatrician in Islamabad.

Moreover, some foods also have grave implications for the oral cavity of the child, causing issues like cavities and rotting teeth.

Hence, it is essential that parents be aware of the foods that parade around as healthy, but in reality, are anything but.

Foods that are not good for your children

Deli meat

Your children love hot dogs, salami sandwiches, pepperoni pizzas. Since they are convenient to make, you are also happy with this choice. You think that you are making a healthy choice by offering your child protein, however, that’s not all there is to the deli meat.

It also contains nitrites, which are dangerous for the health. Such processed food is also associated with the increased risk of chronic ailments like heart disease.

Hence, make sure you cut make on such meat. Try to make your own patties, freezing them when semi-cooked so you can conveniently take them out, cook with a little till they’re done, and serve a healthy serving of protein to your child.

Fruit gummies

A clever way to make anything sound healthier is by attaching the word fruit with it. Parents don’t think they can go wrong with fruit, but that’s precisely it.

Fruit gummies are laden with sugar. The colors and artificial flavors make them even worse for health. They also can stick to the teeth, causing issues with caries then.

Hence, refrain from serving fruit gummies to your child. Instead, serve actual fruit!

Sugary cereals

A popular breakfast choice, sugary cereals come in different shapes and forms. They claim to give your child power, pretend to be filling and of course, are convenient. Many children also approve of the cereal.

However, cereals that are laden with sugar are extremely unhealthy. The high sugar content gives a kind of sugar rush to the children. The rest of it is composed of refined flours. Therefore, most sugary cereals are devoid of any real nutrition.


If you want to serve cereal to your child, then at least choose one with least possible sugar content and is made from whole meal flour.

Flavored yogurt

These too are laden with artificial flavor and sugar. So, even if yogurt seems healthy, high sugar makes it bad for health.

Fruit juice

Another food masquerading as healthy is fruit juice. The ones from the juice packs are really bad, but even when you are making fresh fruit juice for your child, without pulp, is also not healthy.

When you extract the juice sans fiber, you then offer your child a hearty helping of simply fruit sugar. This leads to a sugar spike, which is not healthy.

For example, imagine yourself the difference if fullness when eating two oranges and drinking juice from two oranges. Fiber makes all the difference in the world!

So, either don’t serve your child concentrated fruit juice or make juice that also contain the entire pulp as well. The fiber will prevent the spike in sugar levels, offer fulness, and make the digestive tract happier by preventing the risk of constipation that otherwise has you a constant at the Kulsum International Hospital.

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