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Gift for Dog Lovers: AsobuBottle.com

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If you’re looking for the best gifts for dog lovers, you’ve come to the right place. The Asobu Dog Bottle is a favorite among dog owners. The water bottle and bowl for dogs outperform other dog products on the market in terms of quality, durability, and utility.

AsobuBottle.com Information

AsobuBottle.com not only has pet gifts but also high-quality gifts for everyone (even non-dog lovers/owners).

All of their products are inspired by Japanese culture, thus the name Asobu, which translates to “fun and playful nature.”

Products are simple, clean, and visually appealing.

The brand color is orange to represent JOY, HAPPINESS, and CREATIVITY. We adore it!

Their products come with a lifetime warranty, simple returns, and free shipping (on orders over $50).

Favorite Gift for Dog Owners: Asobu Dog Water Bottle and Bowl

The stainless steel water bottle is a convenient 33-ounce size. The base is a bowl of water for your best friend.

Simply remove the bowl from the bowl’s bottom and pour the water from the insulated bottle into it. When your canine companion has finished drinking, simply shake the access water out and screw the bowl back onto the bottle.

Does the water inside the Asobu Bottle stay cool?

Yes! It is vacuum insulated and will keep its contents cold for several hours.

What else makes this gift for dog lovers so special? Asobubottle.com ensured that the bottom is non-slip and has a comfortable grip. It’s ideal for long walks with your dog, hikes, and park play. Take it with you everywhere!

Colors of Asobu Bottles

The colors are vibrant and will not fade. You have a choice between:

  • White
  • Wood
  • Blue
  • Midnight Marble
  • Black
  • Mint Green
  • Smoke
  • Pink


When purchasing a gift for a dog lover, you need to ensure that it is well received. Check out some of the frequently asked questions by dog owners.

Is this dog water bottle and bowl dishwasher safe?

It is safe to place the water bottle on the top rack. Although a gentle cycle without heat drying is preferred, some dog owners report that a regular cycle did not harm their Asobu Bottle.

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Is this item made of glass?

There is no glass because the double wall insulation is made of plastic rather than glass.

Does the insulated box feature a copper lining, as found in other Asobu products?

Yes, but only the outermost layer is made of stainless steel.

Are there any smaller sizes?

The Asobu Bottle is currently only available in 33 ounces, but smaller versions are available, such as the Asobu Urban Bottle and Orb Bottle. They are also ideal as gifts for dog owners.

Where is this product manufactured?

The product is produced in China.

Is it possible to keep dog food in the detachable dog bowl?

No, because the dog bowl is screwed to the bottle, and there is no empty space. However, after detaching the bottle, you can put dog food inside and pour it into the bowl.

How Do Dog Owners Feel About the Asobu Bottle?

Amazon reviews are positive, with a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Most pet owners say it’s sturdy, stylish, and a great product to take with them wherever they go with their dog.

Some pet owners believe that when filled, the bottle is too heavy. It weighs 33 ounces, which is comparable to a Yeti or Hydro Flask water bottle.

How to Purchase This Present for Dog Lovers?

AsobuBottle.com sells this gift for dog lovers. It’s currently on sale for $34.99 (down from $36.99).

The Asobu Bottle is available for $29.99 on Amazon, with free shipping and easy returns for Prime members.

The Asobu Bottle is the ideal gift for dog owners. It will not only be your loved one’s favorite gift but also make his or her dog very happy.

To make a purchase, please click the link below.

Buy Asobu Dog Bottles

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