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Holiday Let Cleaning: Effective Ways To Maintain Your Holiday Home

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Holiday homes are a fantastic way for people to get some peace. Holiday cleaning is one of the most important parts of short-term rentals for visitors and hosts. A messy house may ruin a holiday before it even starts for visitors. For hosts, it might damage the reputation of their entire company. So how do you maintain holiday let cleaning? We’ve put together laundry and dry cleaning tips for the holiday-let that you should never skip.

How To Do Holiday-Let Cleaning

Holiday cottages need special care because some are older than the 19th century. They may be weak, especially if the roof is dry straw. While cleaning with great care, paying attention to everything your visitors may have touched is also important. There is a difference between a vacation rental that feels cosy and one that is simply messy and unclean. The following is a list of things to clean at a vacation home, divided by space:


Many visitors now select vacation houses over hotels. Some visitors love cooking and choose to make meals instead of eating out. There is nothing cosier than preparing a home-cooked winter meal, like a traditional Sunday roast, in vacation homes. Do not overlook anything in the kitchen to enhance the guest experience:

  • Clean the oven, microwave, and refrigerator interiors.
  • Gadgets from Poland, including the kettle, toaster, and coffee maker.
  • Clean every plate and piece of cutlery.
  • Pots and pans should match their lids.
  • Give out fresh tea towels.
  • Remove any food.
  • Remove the garbage cans.

Dining room

Make sure your guests are concentrated on enjoying their expertly prepared food as they gather their friends and family around the table:

  • Clean the dining room table and chairs
  • Clean cotton napkins
  • Clean centrepieces
  • Especially under the table and chairs, clean the floor.
  • Cleaning windows

Living room

The living room is a popular place where guests may sit back, relax, watch TV, or read a book, which is similar to why guests choose to rent.

Make sure your visitors are in comfort:

  • Clear the dust from the fireplace and provide enough coal or wood.
  • Replace magazines and newspapers.
  • Clean the fireplace and the shelves.
  • Clear any webs of spiders.
  • Clean the cushions and sofa for any stains.
  • Clean the carpet and any rugs with a vacuum.
  • Keep the bookcase neat.
  • Make the TV remote clean.
  • Check the sofa’s base for dirt and dust.


The most important place in the home is the bedroom, where your guest takes some rest after the end of a long day on vacation. A clean bed, mattress, pillows and cushions are important to be clean for relaxation and good sleep.

  • Clean the top of the wardrobe and curtain rods
  • Ensure r any left-behind items under the bed
  • Wash blankets and bedsheets
  • Air out the duvet
  • Clean the wardrobe shelves and draws

Send another laundry to the nearest laundry service to do the quick task.


If your cottage provides towels for visitors, they must be in excellent condition. It is also fair for shower curtains and bathroom essentials like bath mats. Mould is easily able to grow in bathrooms due to dampness. Continue to check all tiles and areas susceptible to flooding for any problems, and silicone-reseal them as required.

  • Clean the mirror, sink, toilet, and shower.
  • Change shower gel and other free items.
  • Clean the floor.
  • Clean the bathroom mat and shower curtain.
  • Change Candles and diffusers.
  • Verify that the pipes are not blocked.

Garden And Exterior:

The exterior of your property will be the first thing visitors will notice; therefore, you want to make a great first impression and set the bar high:

  • By the entrance, wipe away any fallen leaves.
  • Clean out the gutters and drains.
  • Remove cigarette buds.
  • Clean any patio furniture.
  • Get rid of bird droppings.
  • Remove barbecue drippings.


Owners will likely ignore certain areas of the house and forget to clean. Organise your tasks and make a cleaning schedule. Cleaners sometimes make mistakes even if we don’t like to believe them. Therefore it’s important to double-check everything.

Even if you don’t rent out your holiday home year-round, it’s still important to maintain and clean it when it’s unoccupied, especially if it’s prone to spider webs. Cover furniture with sheets or specialised furniture when the house is clean to avoid excess dust.

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