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How about studying at the University of Adelaide in Australia?

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The University of Adelaide, also known as Adelaide University, is located in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, Australia. It is a world-class top comprehensive institution of higher learning. The University of Adelaide is a member of the Australian Group of Eight and the Academic Consortium 21 and other university groups. It is also one of the six sandstone universities and a five-star university in Australia. Founded in 1874, the university is the third university in Australian history and the oldest university in South Australia. It is also one of the representatives of the ancient and typical universities of the Commonwealth.

As one of the top research-intensive universities in Australia, the University of Adelaide has world-class scientific research facilities and environment, as well as a comprehensive scientific research training system and has a strong position in medicine, life sciences, law, education, engineering and many other fields. So far, the school has harvested a number of world-renowned scientific research achievements and inventions, such as the world’s first genetically controlled organism in the natural environment; a visual computer chip; a vehicle-mounted video phone; Australia’s first astronaut. The Waite campus of the University of Adelaide has the largest agricultural facilities in the southern hemisphere, and it has also created one of the world’s best wine cultivation and brewing majors. 70% of Australia’s wine is produced in South Australia. The school’s business school is accredited by AACSB, and its accounting and finance business disciplines are also among the top 100 in the world.

Pure English environment

In South Australia, most people speak English, so the language atmosphere in the city is more friendly for students, and it will be more beneficial for students to learn English.

In addition, Adelaide can also provide a very good environment for students who have just arrived in Australia and who is not very good at English. There will be special language courses for international students here, so that students can quickly improve your English, and you will be able to adapt to the environment here faster. For example, there are English courses for students who come to receive various training, so that students can learn different levels of English before starting training, and there are language courses for middle school students who come to study abroad. In a word, there are many types of English course in Adelaide. To get more English courses or the course details, please check via Course Finder.

Career development direction will be more flexible

Education in Adelaide allows international students to get more, because the education here is closely related to the industry. Students studying in the University of Adelaide will have many opportunities to participate in professional-related industry practices. Studying in the University of Adelaide, not only can you get a more balanced education, but you can also have very valuable contacts. So University of Adelaide graduates are in demand in the job market in many places.

In a word, it is a good choice to study in the University of Adelaide. However, as a top university in Australia, the admission requirements of this university are relatively strict, so it is not easy to study in this institution and you should make a full preparation before applying for the courses at this school.

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