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How Does Scoring in Badminton Work

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Every match, regardless of whether doubles or singles are the most exciting of the three games. The team that scores 21 points first wins the match. Whoever is victorious in the rally will be awarded points that are earned each time a service is served. The winning team always has an opportunity to play serving next. If it’s 20-20, then both sides have to win by two points to win the match. If the score is 29-all, the team that gets the first 30th point is the winner of the game.

How is the Scoring System Evolved with Time

If you play badminton then you must know how to play badminton trick shots. So, now we will discuss the scoring system.

2002 Scoring System

In 2002, the International Badminton Federation, i.e., BWF, was concerned with the length of a game, they decided to try a brand-new scoring process that was designed to increase the appeal of the sport. New scoring systems were launched by reducing the duration of the game to seven points and allowing the top five games. If the score is six, then the player who is first to reach the 8th point wins. The game was eventually removed and replaced with an altered and conventional scoring system.

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2005-2006 Scoring System

In the scoring system that is traditional players must take up rally point-scoring. The game was extended to 21 points in women’s and men’s singles matches. In the previous method, serving was a little more difficult than defense, especially in leagues for professional badminton. It brings a revolution to sports. The scoring in August of 2006 was limited to 30 points. This included the golden rule, 29-all. This was later implemented by BWF.

2014 Scoring System

In 2014 this scoring method was examined. The length of games has grown from the year 2006. Numerous systems were discussed at the time. At the end of the day, it was decided to test an approach of playing the five games played to earn 11 points. It was implemented by tournaments that had specific rules starting 1 . in November.

What is the Original Scoring System in Badminton?

Scoring Method: The HTML0 Scoring System badminton game is the highest scoring three games with 21 points. Each time there’s the need for a service, players score points. Then, it’s included in the total score for the side, and that player wins the rally. At 20, all, the team who gets the lead of 2 points first is the winner of that game. When the score is 29-29, the team who scores the 30th point first takes the victory in the rally. The team that wins the game will be served first in the next game.

Timers, and change of ends: If a team achieves 11- points, players are granted the option of a 60-second interval. A two-minute interval is permitted between games. If the team that is leading achieves 11 points, during the third game the players switch to the other side.

Singles: At the start of the match, at a point of even, if the score of the server is even, servers serve from the right court. When the score of the server is odd, servers serve from the left court. If the server wins an argument, and the server earns one point and is given an opportunity to serve again however from the alternative court of service. If the receiver wins an event, then the receiver will score one point. He is the new server and is ruled by scoring an odd number. If even points are scored is the case, he will serve from the right court, and not from the left service court.

Doubles: The game begins at the beginning of the match, if it is not 0-0, and the score is even the server is served from the right court. If the score is not even and the server serves in the left court. If the server side has a win, the server-side earns one point, and the server then begins serving from the court that is alternate. The side receiving the points won a rally, and the side that received wins one point and is then the serving side. Players are not able to change the courts they use to serve until they earn one point during the time their side serves.

Faults: When a player makes a mistake on the service court, the error is rectified after the error is found. When playing doubles, the ordering of the service is determined by the score, and whether the scores are even or strange as is the case in singles. Changing of courts must be performed on the serving size of the court once an individual score is made. In other situations, players remain on their service court in the same place they started the previous rally.


It is very easy to forget the score and the side you were serving or receiving. But how does scoring in badminton work? The match is played for the best of three games scoring 21 points each game. At the score of 29-all, the side which scores the 30th point first wins the rally.

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