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How Much Do Pre Construction Homes Brampton Cost?

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Brampton is a beautiful city within the Great Toronto Area and one of the perfect destinations to call home. For about two decades, the city has undergone tremendous changes and upgrades. One notable change is the increase in real estate projects to counter the rapid population growth. As days go by, people are flocking into the Great Toronto area, specifically Brampton City. In search of job opportunities, better education, and some in search of retirement homes.

Are you having trouble finding a perfect pre construction home in Brampton? The good news is that Brampton welcomes all wholeheartedly and offers lots of living spaces for anyone in need. G1Homes has made it easy for you to access top-selling pre-construction homes in Brampton.

That will also shed more light on the cost of individual homes here in Brampton. Read on!!

Benefits of purchasing a pre construction home in Brampton.

Low maintenance cost.

Brampton is a highly recommended city to live in if you are looking for a pre construction home that won’t be harsh on your wallet. Most pre construction homes in Brampton do not need lots of money when it comes to maintenance. Since the houses are made to last longer before a repair or replacement is required, that cuts short on what you will spend on maintenance.

High resale value.

Brampton pre construction homes come with top-notch quality embedded during construction. That makes the homes almost immune to all sorts of harsh weather conditions. Therefore, the homes can maintain a high-quality level even after standing for a few decades. Since homes are assets that always appreciate, reselling the home could turn profitable. 


Are you living under a tight budget and looking for a new place to call home? Look no further because Brampton city is where you need to live. The town boasts lots of new construction homes that come at affordable prices. Therefore, you can acquire a brand new home here in Brampton with the smallest budget.

Brampton pre construction homes.

Below is a detailed list of some new construction homes in Brampton. The key points will be based on the cost of the houses. That is the cost per square feet, the overall price of a unit, and the deposit and payment structure.

#1. OMG 2  Condos.

OMG 2 condos is a new pre construction development that The Daniel’s Corporation is undertaking. The development project only constructs condos whose occupancy dates to 2023.

The Brampton new construction home is located at 8291 Mississauga Rd, Brampton. OMG 2 Condos has an estimated number of units starting from 94, with each team measuring 609 sq ft.


The OMG 2 condos are located in the vast and lush greenery surrounding full of parks, hiking trails, and lots of amenities for the units. The city hosts many opportunities ranging from good paying jobs to level schools, plenty of shopping centers, and other social amenities. Gladly, the proximity between the OMG 2 Condos to these amenities is so near.

Payment methods.

Here is how the payment structure works for pre construction homes in Brampton.

The cost of a single unit from the OMG 2 condos begins at CAD654,900. That means that a single sq ft goes for around $1074. Besides, we have extra charges, such as the surface parking maintenance fee of $30 per month and $40 per month for the underground parking.

Deposit structure.

  • 10% deposit
  • Initial payment of $7,500
  • 5% balance in 30 days
  • 5% in 180 days.

#2. Cadillac On Credit.

The Cadillac On Credit is another excellent pre construction home in Brampton. The project is a new single-family development under construction by Marina Group Canada. Cadillac On Credit is located at 10783 Creditview Road, Brampton. Eight units are currently under the construction phase, whose completion is dated 2023. However, six quick-in homes are ready to move in and sell if you are really in a hurry and looking for a new place.

The 4-bedroom pre-construction single-family homes come with sizes starting at 1841 sq ft.


There are lots of amenities available within the community. Other social amenities include good schools, hospitals, and shopping centers. Once again, the proximity is worth a smile since the places are just a stone’s throw. 

Other amenities within the unit include;

  • Outdoor BBQ area
  • Party lounge
  • Concrete driveways.


A single unit within the Cadillac On Credit project goes from $1,574,900 to $1,584,900. That is $695 per sq ft. Check out the deposit structure;

  • $40,000 on the initial signing
  • $40,000 on the first two months
  • $40,000 in 105 days
  • $40,000 in 150 days

#3. Maya

If you are looking for Brampton pre construction homes, then Maya should never miss the list. The Maya is a new townhouse development project under construction at 116134 Bramalea Road, Brampton. The pre construction townhouse range from 2 bedroom to 3 bedroom homes, with completion, dates yet to be officially announced. The company overseeing the construction is known as LIV communities.

The project is located in a serene and peaceful surroundings full of amenities that will blow your head. The landscape is lush greenery, bringing about both an urban and rural feel. There are many fun activities, including hiking, parks, and more. On top of that, there are good schools, nearby shopping centers, and better health care facilities.

Pricing and deposit structure.

Available units are expected to be priced between CAD 879,900 TO CAD 1,179,900. That is relatively cheaper compared to other pre construction homes in Brampton. That means that the average price per square foot is around $679. Below is a deposit structure;

  • $30,000 on the agreement
  • $30,000 in 60 days
  • #30,000 in 120 days
  • $30,000 in 210 days
  • 15% balance during occupancy.


Brampton is steadily rising in terms of growth and now becoming one of the sort-after cities within the Great Toronto Area. Due to rapid growth within the region, the city is also coping with the rapid changes, and one visible way is through the increase in real estate projects.

Now, if you are looking for Brampton new construction homes, then you won’t find it hard. Many homes are for sale with different prices, floor plans, and amenities. G1Homes helps you find the perfect and most relaxing place to call. We are not only limited to Brampton but house lots of pre construction projects within most cities and towns within Canada. Check out our website at G1Homes.ca for more.

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