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How to Choose Best Cox Services For Your Home?

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Cox is one of the top cable and internet service providers in the United States. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to know about Cox cable plans. The company provides some of the best bundle packages and internet deals. Like most broadband services, the provider uses the “introductory pricing” strategy to attract new customers. But they are on another level when it comes to competitive pricing models.

What Is the Introductory Pricing?

Introductory pricing is a pricing strategy whereby a company provides goods and services at a special price. This particular pricing approach is aimed at bringing in new consumers. Most cable providers use “sign up price” to attract customers to a new product or service. It is worth mentioning that the introductory price is nowhere the same as the final price. Most consumers end up paying between 20 and 65% extra on their first 13th-month bill.

How to Get the Best Cox Deals?

Existing customers may find the introductory prices to be extremely frustrating. This is because they can’t benefit from the ultra-low rates offered by their service providers. The good news is that you can get the best deals and packages with several tips, listed below.

Negotiate with Your Service Provider

Virtually every cable and internet service provider claim that long-time existing customers cannot access introductory pricing. If you have been paying for a service for a year or more you aren’t entitled to the benefits that come with sign-up offers. The reality, however, is a little bit different. It is advisable to negotiate deals and packages with potential service providers.

Start by contacting the customer support center. Ask them about the existing deals and bundle packages. Try to negotiate with the representatives. You may have to try multiple times to secure a deal. In case you’re unable to get the right package, visit the store to negotiate in person. There’s no denying you will have to convince the ISP to get the best deal. Of course, luck is a major factor as well.

Run a Service Cancellation Request

Requesting the provider to cancel your service is a tried and tested method that can yield great results. In case you’re unable to get the best TV and internet package for your home, reach out to the cancellation department. You will have to ask the customer center to transfer your call to said department.

It is worth mentioning that the support executive won’t run your call directly to the cancellation department. In all likelihood, you will make a stop at the retention department before reaching the cancellation department. Remember, you aren’t canceling your subscription. You are just playing by the rules. The agents will likely try to retain you with tempting TV and internet deals.

Sign Up as a New Customer

You may sign up as a new customer if you cancel your service and re-sign up after several days. For that, you would cancel your existing subscription. Many cable and internet companies qualify consumers who re-sign up after canceling their service as new customers. Alternatively, you can sign up under the name of your spouse or roommate to benefit from introductory prices.

Re-signup for discounts

Though re-signing up technically goes against the terms and conditions of the provider, it is a common practice. Couples often re-signup under different names to retain perpetual discount rates. For most internet and cable companies, tracking these people means wasting resources. This is because most new customers end up accepting higher rates after the twelfth month.

Compare Different Services

Comparing two services can give you an idea about the types of products they offer. Moreover, you can check the introductory prices of two different companies and select the one that meets your budget and requirements. The best way to compare the prices is to visit the website of potential service providers. Also, make sure to read customer reviews to know about the quality of service provided by the internet and cable companies in your area. This will help you make better decision for choosing the service.

Get Your Own Internet Equipment

Most internet companies provide modems and Wi-Fi routers on lease. If you’re an existing customer, you’re paying a monthly leasing fee in all likelihood. Moreover, internet equipment like modems and Wi-Fi routers are bound to have issues at some point. Instead of paying extra for those mid-level models, you can purchase your own equipment.

Check for Subsidy Plans

Virtually every service provider has a plan for low-income households. You can do a Google search to know which company is providing services at the cheapest possible rate. It is worth mentioning that you can apply for a subsidy plan if you’re enrolled in a public assistance program. Most service providers are continuing to run discounted plans due to the pandemic. You can check for current promotions and discounted offers on their websites.

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