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How to Connect With the Grandkids Over Distance

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It’s tough when you can’t be there in person to spend time with your grandkids. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways for you to connect with them over a distance. For our discussion today, we will highlight eight fun activities that you can do with your grandkids using FaceTime. We will also provide some tips for having conversations with them over the phone or via video chat.

Why It’s Important to Connect With Your Grandkids Over Distance

It’s important to stay connected with your grandkids for many reasons. First and foremost, it allows you to maintain a strong bond with them. Additionally, it allows you to share your life experiences with them and pass down your family traditions. Also, staying connected can help prevent behavioral problems in grandchildren later on in life.

How FaceTime Can Help You Connect With Your Grandkids

FaceTime is a great way to connect with your grandkids because it allows you to see their faces and expressions while you talk. This can help read emotions and body language, which is often lost over the phone or via text message. FaceTime also allows you to do fun activities together, such as playing games, drawing pictures, or sharing photos.

What Is FaceTime?

FaceTime is a video chat application that is pre-installed on Apple devices. It can be used to communicate with other FaceTime users over the internet. FaceTime is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

How to Use FaceTime

To use FaceTime, you need to have an Apple ID and an iCloud account set up on your device. Once you have an Apple ID and iCloud account set up, open the FaceTime app and sign in with your Apple ID. Then, add the email address or phone number of the person you want to talk to in the “To:” field. Finally, tap the FaceTime button to start a video call.

Fun Activities to Do With Your Grandkids

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of video calling, let’s get into some fun things to do over FaceTime that you can do with your grandkids. These activities are great for kids of all ages and can help you bond with your grandchildren while having some fun.

  1. Play virtual games together: There are many online multiplayer games that you can play with your grandkids using FaceTime. 
  2. Share photos and videos: A great way to connect with your grandkids is to share photos and videos. You can share photos of your childhood, your wedding day, or even videos of you singing or dancing. This is a great way to create lasting memories together.
  3. Read stories: If you have grandkids who are younger, FaceTime can be a great way to read stories together. You can take turns reading pages, or even make up your own story as you go along.
  4. Cook or bake together: FaceTime can be a great way to cook or bake together, even if you’re not in the same kitchen. Pick a recipe that you can make together and follow the instructions while FaceTime-ing each other.
  5. Draw pictures: Another fun activity to do with your grandkids is to draw pictures together. You can use FaceTime to see each other’s drawings and give feedback or suggestions.
  6. Have a picnic: Just because you’re not in the same location doesn’t mean you can’t have a picnic together. FaceTime each other while you make your favorite picnic foods and then enjoy your meal together virtually.
  7. Go on a virtual field trip: Some museums and zoos offer virtual tours that you can take with your grandkids. Or, you can pick a place that you both want to learn more about and do some research together.
  8. Do a science experiment together: Encourage STEM education. FaceTime can be a great way to be a long-distance tutor or educational inspiration. With FaceTime, you can walk your grandkids through a science experiment step-by-step.

Fun FaceTime FAQs

Embracing new technology can be daunting. Here are answers to some common questions about FaceTime to help put your mind at ease.

Q: Do I need an iPhone to FaceTime?

A: No, you do not need an iPhone to FaceTime. FaceTime is available on all Apple devices, including the iPad, iPod touch, and Mac.

Q: Is FaceTime secure?

A: FaceTime is a secure way to communicate as long as you are using a secure internet connection. FaceTime uses end-to-end encryption, which means that your conversations are private and only accessible by the people who are on the call.

Q: Does FaceTiming use a lot of data? 

A: FaceTiming uses data, but it is not a lot. One minute of FaceTime video uses about three megabytes of data.

Wrapping Up

The next time you want to make a FaceTime call, use these tips and tricks.  FaceTime is a great way to stay connected with your grandkids, even if you can’t be there in person. Because by utilizing FaceTime video calling, you can have fun and bond with your grandchildren no matter where you are.

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