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How to Delete Duplicate Photos From Your Google Storage

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If you have tons of similar or duplicate photos on your Google storage, then try out the tips and tricks shared in this blog to remove them easily.

One of the greatest options for cloud storage photo uploads is Google Photos, which also makes device syncing simple. Even though duplicate images in Google Photos are not synced, some may nevertheless manage to get through. Thankfully, the Files app by Google can identify identical images and will advise you to remove them anytime you decide to clear the storage on your smartphone.

But, doing it yourself is the most efficient option if you want to remove duplicate images from Google Drive. You may use the Photos app by Google or Drive on any computer or mobile device to erase old photographs you no longer desire or to retain certain duplicates. We’ll go over the best methods for removing duplicate photos from Google Photos in this post.

Methods To Delete Duplicate Images From Google Storage

The best way to remove similar images from Google Photos is to use a Duplicate Photo Finder & Cleaner. However, most of these applications are either paid or do not support this feature on Google Photos. Therefore, here in this blog, we are going to show you some of the best methods that you can use to remove duplicate photos from your Google Storage.

Method1: Use Google’s Identical Image Detection Tool

If you have already submitted a picture to Google Photos, it will not re-upload it because of its identical duplication detection. To avoid uploading duplicates, the de-duplicating function will look for existing files. If they already have, the upload of that picture will be skipped and the next one will be checked, etc. So, it will seem like it is uploading the same photographs again, but in reality, it will just upload the most recent ones by cycling through all of the photos.

When you use the picture backup client, it will combine or conceal duplicate photographs and only display one of them. This mostly concerns identical copies. In your Google Photos library, you can notice what seem to be duplicates; however, they are really modified versions of the same picture or very similar ones. Google Photos will not recognize two photographs as identical copies if there is even a little difference between them. Here are a few steps to help you get the hang of this tool.

Use Google Photos, Not Google Drive

You may use either Google Drive or Google Photos to upload picture files. The former isn’t useful for comparing applications in Google Workspace, while the latter can find duplicate photos with different names, so you should stick to using the latter.

Check That the Duplicate Detection Is Working on Your Device

Pick one of your previously uploaded photos and try adding it again. No matter how many times you click the “Item Uploaded” button, Google Drive will not really upload the file to your Google Drive folder or Google Photos album. There is no way to manually turn off duplicate detection, so if it does show up, you’ll have to contact Google support.

Method2: Manually Select And Delete The Duplicate Images

If you discover that both the pre-installed software and the applications from other sources are unable to eliminate all of your duplicate files, then the most effective course of action is to manually remove them one by one. This task will need a considerable amount of time, but fortunately, it will not need to be done often. Consider the following essential factors before carrying out this assignment.

Find Duplicate Images

Examine all of your photographs and search for a pair that is the same. Since Google arranges them chronologically, it is quite probable that they will be located near one another, minimizing the need for frequent navigation.

Open the Photo and Find the Trash Icon

To get a more comprehensive view of the picture and access a range of choices, just click on it. To erase the picture, just pick the trash can symbol located in the top-right corner.

Delete the Duplicates

To erase the picture, just click on the “move to trash” option. The image will remain in your trash directory for 60 days as a precautionary measure if you accidentally delete the incorrect one. However, after this time frame elapses, the image will become permanently unattainable.

Summing Up

The majority of people may not think twice about duplicate photographs till they run out of storage. If you look closely, however, you’ll see that they’re just a headache. They are also in charge of causing processing times to lag and picture loading times. Thus, Google Photos’ ability to recognize and remove identical images is a useful tool for organizing pictures and making the most of cloud storage space.  We trust that our explanation of how to accomplish it effectively was clear.

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