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Sunday, November 26, 2023

How to increase Instagram followers?

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Instagram is a social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, through which various facilities are available for free. In 2012, Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder) bought Instagram. Before the purchase of Facebook, its use was not so noticeable, but now its use is increasing. The only reason for this is that the use of smartphones is increasing at a geometric rate day by day and at the same time internet data has become readily available. 

More than 25 million people worldwide have business profiles on Instagram. There are over 2 million advertisers who share their stories.80% of people find their new product on Instagram and find it.  More than 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile each day. The rate of watching videos on Instagram is increasing day by day. It can be said that the rate is increasing by 80 percent. One-third of users view a business story every day. More than 1 billion accounts are activated on Instagram every month from around the world. More than 500 million insta accounts are activated every day and more often than that number. 

We can easily earn money using Instagram. Instagram is an app where if you have more followers, money is paid from Instagram which is a different opportunity for the younger generation. Some tips to increase Instagram Followers can be followed. Such as ;

  1. Instagram account with Facebook: You need to create an Instagram account from Facebook. As a result, all Facebook friends will know that he has an Instagram account. This will increase his followers. Because all the friends on Facebook will follow him on Instagram. 
  2. Use hashtags: No matter what post you make, using a hashtag will double your followers. Using hashtags increases lots of followers. 
  3. Instagram profile optimization: Before anyone follows a page on Instagram, take a good look at the profile of that page. And, if someone’s profile is not well optimized, then people do not like to follow it.
  4. Using Instagram Reels: It is possible to get many followers easily by making Instagram reels. Reels is a feature where people create short videos and upload them to Instagram. Fitness, finance tips, joke, drawing, comedy, motivational, tutorial etc. Can be uploaded by making reels with this. 
  5. Trending topic: New Instagram accounts can get a lot of followers very quickly with the help of trending topics. Finding trending topics and uploading posts using the trending #hashtags associated with it will increase followers.  Google trends can be used to find trending topics.
  6. Instagram stories: Account reach and engagement can be greatly increased with stories in Instagram. Stories is actually a feature of Instagram where anyone can upload photos and videos.  However, the Instagram story is automatically deleted or removed after 24 hours.

In addition, some organizations sell Instagram followers. Anyone can buy followers on Instagram cheap. In this way, followers of Instagram can be increased. 

In conclusion, Instagram is a very useful social media. Because by using it in the right way, you can earn a lot of money by increasing the followers.

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