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How To Know If Your Body Is Ready for a Juice Cleanse?

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If you are into the world of wellness, chances are you have heard about all the various benefits of a juice cleanse. But this is not some health trend that is going to run its course. The research has solidified the fact that there is so much for you to gain from doing a juice cleanse. 

Celebrities may have made juice cleanses cool, but the truth is that your body can thrive from it. Think of it like Spring cleaning for your body. Even if you look after what you eat and are thinking about what you fuel your body with, chances are some toxins like processed sugar will still manage to sneak in there. When you do a juice cleanse, you are literally filtering out your body so that you can essentially hit “reset”.

Of course, you should always talk to your doctor or nutritionist about doing it first. Everyone is different when it comes to their own unique health journey and how you can benefit from fueling yourself with fruits and vegetables that have been juiced to a pulp.

For example, if you suffer from conditions like diabetes or anemia, your body may not react the same way to a juice cleanse and it may need to be approached differently. But that does not mean you still won’t benefit from it. You just need to approach it in a way that will support you.

To help you identify when your body may be ready for you to do a juice cleanse, we have pulled together the top reasons to do it. 

1. You Had Cheat Meals

It happens to the best of us. No matter how disciplined you are with your diet, chances are that every now and then you are going to cave and end up eating a cheat meal—whether that be a candy bar with processed sugar or a fast food meal.

While indulging in your cravings every now and then is not the end of the world, it does add in a whole bunch of toxins to the mix that can still harm you. So rather than feeling guilty about a cheat meal, counter that with doing a short juice cleanse to drain it all out and refill your body with the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that it really does deserve.

2. You Can’t Do a Water Fast

While there are some benefits to doing a water fast, it is definitely not easy. In fact, if you have come to realize that your body simply cannot handle the intensity of it and you find your blood sugar plummeting, then a juice cleanse may be better for you instead. It will still help you achieve the same goals but without feeling like you’ve gotten hangry,

3. You Want Stability in Your Day

Speaking of hanger—if you are feeling like your energy levels and mood is all over the place throughout the day, then it may be time for a juice cleanse. The combination of fueling your body with the right amount of natural sugar, vitamins and minerals can have a dramatic impact on your body. It can also help keep you energized for longer throughout the day. So if you are struggling with getting through the day, juice cleanses can help lift you back up and get you feeling great again.

4. You Want to Lose Weight

While a juice cleanse is in no way meant to be a long-term meal replacement, it can help kickstart your body into losing weight. Rather than going on extreme diets where you starve yourself, juice cleanses can help build the momentum needed to truly shed the unwanted pounds. Of course, if you are wanting to start a weight loss journey, a juice cleanse would only be one component of that and should certainly be discussed with your doctor.

5. Your Stomach is Upset

If you are dealing with an upset stomach that is causing you discomfort, it may be a sign your gut needs a detox. Our gut is one of the best indicators of how our body is feeling. So if it is not feeling normal, then it may be trying to ask you to detox it so it can get back to feeling good again. Of course, there may be other issues at play here too, so talk to your doctor if your stomach is experiencing discomfort long-term. 

6. You Have Brain Fog

Dealing with brain fog is a big indicator that you may be lacking the nutrients needed to optimize your mental state. In fact, our mental strength is often directly linked to our nutritional habits. So if you want to get rid of your brain fog, consider doing a juice cleanse to restore back clarity.


There are so many reasons to consider doing a juice cleanse. So why wait any longer to give it a try?



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