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How to Locate a Stolen Toyota by VIN in the US?

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Did you just lose your Toyota? We feel the pain, although stolen car cases are always reported. You can try all manner of things to get the car back. You, however, need a guided approach towards locating the vehicle and solving the case amicably.

Looking for a stolen car also applies to those who own second-hand vehicles. You don’t want to be in trouble after successfully acquiring the motor. So, here is an approach that you can use to locate your car faster in the US.

It involves recommendable protocols, from running a VIN check online to involving the police.

How Do You Locate a Stolen Toyota Using the VIN in the US?

Running a Toyota VIN Search Online – VinPit

The first method you can use is to look up the VIN online for more details. The best thing is that websites such as VinPit will help you search Toyota VIN quickly. With such a platform, you only need to enter the VIN to fetch the rest of the details.

First things first, though. You need to locate the VIN. It’s found on the car and other documents. Those who want to know if there is a stolen item before the sale can check on it. You can refer to the papers for the stolen case where you don’t have the car.

They include:

  • The registration documents
  • Insurance card and documents
  • The car’s logbook

Once you have the VIN, confirm that there are 17 digits. You should also ensure that they are the same all through. Once you note the number, proceed to the VinPit website to perform the VIN check.

Here, you don’t require to sign up or subscribe to anything. It’s also free to use; you only need an internet-enabled device. You can feed the number on the input field displayed on the homepage.

You can also perform a dedicated search by navigating to the Toyota VIN Number lookup page. Once you input the 17-digit code, it takes about 30 seconds to generate the report.

It comes from credible sources such as car insurance companies and government agencies such as NHTSA. The NMVTIS is also involved together with what the car-selling companies update.

Major car repair centers like the Toyota Center also share the updated data. The report will involve everything associated with the VIN. Among other things, it will show you the following:

  • Police reports showing if the car is reported
  • Criminal activities involved and where
  • Registration details and past ownership for the case of the used cars
  • Manufacturing details and origin
  • Car model and spare part information
  • Maintenance and repair details
  • Etc.

Maintenance and police information can help you trace the last known location. You can also share the information with the appropriate authorities, which takes us to the next move.

File the Stolen Car Case with the Police

The idea that your car is missing does not settle well with your mind. So, as you search for more information on the internet, you can also involve the law enforcers. You can share what you get from the VIN check websites like VinPit.

They will also collect vital information, which includes:

  • The Toyota’s VIN
  • Your identification details
  • License plate information
  • Information about the last known location
  • The car model, brand, and other physical identifiers

You need to keep a copy of the document, mostly the abstract. The insurance will require that from you for a follow-up and proper compensation. If the police impound the car, you will need the registration documents and identification card.

It will help in proving that the car belongs to you.

Other Things to Do If Your Toyota is Stolen

Besides searching using the VIN and involving the authorities, you can also use modern technology. Some of the ways to do that apply the following:

Use the Car’s GPS

These days, almost every car has a GPS installed. It could be on the vehicle during the purchase or installed by a third-party company. Either way, it can help you locate the car and recover it.

Recommendable GPS companies include LoJack and OnStar. You can, however, check the one that serves well in your state or the whole country. It doesn’t matter where your car was stolen from or is at the time of searching.

A GPS will help locate all the movements since when it went missing.

Use the Security Camera Footage

If your car has a camera installed, or if you have the footage from the area, you can check that out. For the prior, it’s much better since the camera could be active even in the current location.

You could use the footage to identify the criminals if it was stolen from your home or garage. You can also note the time and other activities involved during the heist. The details you gather could help you improve your search.

You can also check the community camera footage. That can start with the neighbor with the camera installed at the gate. It could save the day if you are also in a neighborhood where cameras are standard.

Many have used such resources to determine whether the car passed the route.

Why Should You Use VIN Check Platforms to Locate the Stolen Toyota?

You have other ways to know where your car is. Websites such as VinPit, on the other hand, will help you collect vital and ample information. So, you don’t need to visit various places to get the same data.

You can also obtain information that will help you act quicker than involving the authorities. In such a case, law enforcers will find it easy since they have pointers to where they should look.  

In short, a VIN check platform like VinPit will make your search easier. You will gather more information quickly and act accordingly in time.

Wrapping Up

If your Toyota is stolen and you are in the US, don’t panic too much. Instead, check that VIN, note it down, and use websites like VinPit to solve the problem. It may not be the end of the road after searching the VIN.

However, you will get information that will help you know the next place to visit. As you finish reading this blog, ensure that you have your Toyota’s VIN easily reachable. Next time the car is stolen, you will know where to get it faster.

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