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How to Make Your SME Business Look Bigger

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The advantages of major companies over their smaller competitors are numerous and include well-established reputations, lower operating costs, sizable advertising budgets, and media attention. 

Although it may seem impossible to compete with well-known brands, remember that even the biggest businesses had humble beginnings. If customers enjoy your goods or services, you’re on the right path.

You should increase the perceived size of your brand while you attempt to realise real growth. Here are some suggestions to help your SME business appear larger than it actually is.

Change the name of your company

Register your company under Richard Jones & Associates, Richard Jones & Company, or the Richard Jones Group rather than Richard Jones Marketing. Giving significant contracts to a company that sounds substantial gives businesses more confidence.

Spend money on a business phone service.

More and more individuals are using their cellphone service as their only landline in their personal lives. However, as a business owner, this strategy may reduce a prospect’s level of trust in your enterprise, costing you valuable leads! 

You may take conference calls, link alarm systems, process credit cards, and set up voice attendant services by adding business telephone service to your home-based business internet package, giving you and your clients more peace of mind.

Get a Professional Meeting Area

Don’t want clients to see your modest home office but need to meet with them? Book a space for occasional client meetings or reserve by the week or month if you plan to use the place more regularly.

Acquire a Premium Address for Your Business

You need to make your company appear successful offline in addition to perfecting your online presence. You may work out of a home, garage or warehouse, but your customers don’t need to know that. 

Buy a business mailing address that your contacts can use to get in touch with you. 

Buy a Business Internet Plan

When you’re operating a small business online, connectivity has a direct impact on your business’s bottom line. Most home internet plans aren’t trustworthy enough for business use, especially if you want to host a live webinar or stream a live video on social media to promote your brand. 

Launch a Content Marketing Campaign

Like active social media accounts, a frequently updated blog may engage your customers. Set up a blog on your site and post at least once a week. Your posts can be short — 300 to 400 words and a link to a more comprehensive mainstream article will do the job.

The idea is to write about subjects that help your target audience’s problems or make their lives easier. Don’t forget to share your blog posts on your social media accounts to increase their range.

Employ a Virtual Assistant

As a sole practitioner, you can have someone else answer the phone or reply to emails, as the CEO of a bigger organization would do. Aside from making your firm appear larger, a virtual assistant can relieve you of time-consuming tasks, allowing you to focus on establishing and growing your business.

Promote Your Business on Social Media

One of the most valuable services your virtual assistant can provide is the management of your social media accounts. If you don’t have them already, open accounts for your business on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have physical products, consider Pinterest and Instagram as well.

According to a Twitter study, 75% of people who follow a small business and read its tweets feel better about the company, so it’s important to maintain a consistent online presence. Setting up accounts is only the first step; in order for social media to be effective, you must also identify and grow followers, post regularly, and engage with visitors to your social pages.

Use High-Quality Videos

Fortune 500 companies use films to sell their services or products. A whiteboard video or animated explainer explaining what you do focuses potential customers on your product or service rather than your size. 

It’s also more entertaining for customers than reading blogs or flyers. Videos are a terrific means of attracting consumers’ attention, which is why giant firms utilise them.

Engage in Thought Leadership

You cannot become a thought leader in your industry, community, or niche by simply having a logo and website. You need to publish articles demonstrating your expertise in trade publications, on industry websites, and on LinkedIn for that.

Promote yourself as a speaker at industry events and conferences. Your company may be young, but you can quickly boost your reputation and your business will compete with larger brands.

Invest in a premium logo

In addition to having a website, all the big companies have a logo. A logo can help people recognise your brand right away because they pay more attention to images than words. Outsource your design to experienced creators and pick a logo from a vast range of professionally designed options.

Get a Professional Website

Most small companies don’t have a website, which is shocking given the advantages a professional website can bring: it can make you appear professional, highlight your work and display success stories from your previous clients.

Websites are affordable and have never been easier to design, so there’s really no reason not to have one for your small business. For a current, professional look, employ a website designer and collaborate with an expert writer or editor to develop compelling material.

Spend money on high-quality promotional materials.

High-quality promotional materials look professional and can catch the attention of discerning consumers, even if they are only used to having large corporations meet their needs. Plan to attend trade exhibitions, business expos, and other networking events. 

To get the most out of your sparkling new promotional materials, make sure you have a solid plan in place.

You should not let the small size of your company prevent you from creating a buzz in your industry. Plan ways to make yourself more visible and see where that takes you. If you’re already a pioneer, appearing bigger will help you to actively compete and expand as a business. Business owners of any size can find all the must-have essentials they need for their business at Pronto Direct.

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