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How to Reverse Crepey Skin?

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It is said to be crepey when skin looks wrinkled and thin, like crepe paper. Moreover, the skin also becomes less flexible than it actually was. The skin also doesn’t tend to go back to its normal shape as quickly or as well as it used to.

That’s not all; the thin and loose skin also tends to get brown “age” spots as time passes. It usually happens to those places that get a lot of UV or sun exposure, like under your eyes. 

This doesn’t mean the body parts in the shade won’t have crepey skin. Places like the inside of your upper arms are also prone to crepey if excessive sun exposure is on you.

What are the Causes that Lead to Crepey Skin? 

Crepey skin is pretty common as people start to age, especially during the times of their However, getting older isn’t always the fuel to start off with this skin condition. 

In fact, most crepey skin is caused by photodamage, which is caused by long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or even harmful tanning beds. 

Over time, this UV light breaks down elastin and collagen, which keep skin from getting thinner and bringing in wrinkles. And, you’ll see that people with fair skin are more likely to get crepey skin and various skin issues from UV radiation.

That’s not the only reason for crepey skin; not getting enough water, losing a considerable amount of weight, or any such combination can be the trigger to crepey skin. To reverse it, quality anti-aging tools may be effective

Moreover, stress, pollution, and even smoking cigarettes can all damage your skin over time and make aging signs more obvious.

Your skin makes less oil as you age; these oils produce an essential fat barrier that protects the skin and even aids in sealing in moisture. 

Therefore, changes in hormones can also result in your skin drying out and making less oil on its own. Crepey skin can easily trigger where the skin tends to be dry. 

So, these are some of the significant reasons why you may suffer from loose skin condiitons like crepey skin. 

Is Crepey Skin Actually Creepy?: Possible Solutions from Experts

So, if you are actually concerned about crepey skin and don’t want the old age reflections on your skin, then primarily avoiding excessive sun exposure is a must for you. 

A good body moisturizer can even help a lot. Experts suggest using hyaluronic acid and glycerin products to improve crepey skin appearances. 

These ingredients strongly hold water, which keeps your skin moist and gives it a full look. Coconut oil, cocoa butter, and even olive oil are moisturizing oils that can help keep your skin moist and soft.

Even though no supplements or foods are shown to improve loose skin drastically, a balanced diet rich in antioxidants, like vegetables and colorful fruits, can aid the skin and your body to stay healthy

Since all of these aid with collagen production, vitamin C may be particularly good for skin conditions and health. However, dermatologists and other skin care experts have recently supported using light therapy to counter crepey skin

According to experts, consistent use of light therapy can show optimum results with loose skin issues. This is because these light waves tend to make the skin more firm and provide the necessary collagen production that’ll keep your skin and appearance young. 

They noted that to get the best results, you need to follow a proper diet and need to be consistent with the use. The overall process may require time, but it’s a sure-shot win in all ways. 

Although this therapy method has minimal to no adverse effects, we still recommend that you consult with experts before proceeding with these therapy sessions. 

Bottom Line

So, after going through this article, you should now understand how to reverse crepey skin and even use light therapy to aid you with such conditions. However, remember that your diet also plays a crucial role here. So, ensure that you take a proper and balanced diet for healthy and young skin.

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