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How To Treat Eye Infections In Cats?

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Cats are known for being independent creatures. However, when it comes to eye infections in cats, it is essential that you, as a pet owner, monitor their health and do what you can to treat the condition at its earliest stages.

You Need To Be A Proactive Cat Parent

If your cat is suffering from an eye infection, you need to be a proactive pet owner and treat the cat’s eye infection as soon as possible. This will help ensure that your feline friend doesn’t suffer any long-term issues or damage.

If you are unsure what to do or whether it is safe to administer treatment yourself, contact your vet immediately. Your vet has the expertise to provide advice on how best to treat your cat’s condition and can also give any medication or ointments needed for treatment.

It Is Important To Treat The Cause

It is crucial not only that you treat the symptoms of an eye infection but also that you identify and treat its cause. Otherwise, the problem may continue even after symptoms have disappeared. Suppose a foreign body has become lodged in one of your cat’s eyes. In that case, It must be removed before it can cause permanent damage or spread bacteria into other parts of its body (such as through septicemia).

If the cause of your cat’s eye condition is considered to be bacterial in nature, you may be prescribed Clavamox for your cat. This can be easily found at online pet stores. If a veterinarian prescribes Clavamox for your cat’s eye infection, you must administer the medication according to the prescription directions.

Eye infections can cause pain, redness, discharge, and swelling around the eyes. They are also painful for cats as well as cause permanent damage to their eyes if left untreated for any period.

Follow The Prescription Directions

Giving the correct dose of Clavamox or any other medication is imperative, not more than what was prescribed. In addition, if your cat has had an allergic reaction to the active ingredient in the past, do not give them this medication because it could cause another adverse reaction. You must also keep an eye on your pet’s eating and drinking habits when taking these antibiotics; if they become lethargic or weak from dehydration after starting treatment, contact a vet immediately.

If your vet has prescribed eye drops, it’s best to apply them just below the third eyelid of your pet. The third eyelid, which is the innermost of all three eyelids, can be easily seen as a small bump under the eye. This area should not be treated with medication because it can cause irritation and injury to your cat’s eyes.

Choose The Drug Medium As Per Your Kitty’s Condition

Clavamox is available in tablet as well as liquid forms. The tablets are used for cats that are very sick or not eating and need a high dose of antibiotics immediately to treat the infection. The drops are easier to administer, but they might cost more than tablets. If your cat takes the medication without too much fuss, they should take the drops rather than fight with them every day over whether they will eat food.

Shake the bottle well before each use. The reason is simple: shaking ensures that there is an even distribution of the medication in the solution. It can also help if you have opted for drops, as they will be more comfortable on your cat’s eyes if they are mixed properly.

Some cats can be stubborn about taking their medicine, so crushed Clavamox tablets may have to be mixed into food that your cat likes before giving it to them. Crushing Clavamox tablets is an option if your veterinarian recommends this method due to kidney disease history or other health concerns. However, do not crush more than ½ a tablet per dose as dangerous side effects could occur (ask your vet).

Relieve Your Feline Friend For Any Discomfort

Caring for a sick cat can give any person a headache, but with time and patience, treating your cat with suitable medication can help cure the eye infection and relieve your feline friend of any discomfort they are experiencing.

Treating an eye infection in cats can be challenging, but with the right tools and knowledge of how to use them, you will have no problem getting your pet back on track in no time.

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