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Learning About Combed Ringspun Cotton and The Quality it Offers Clothing Brands

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The most popular fabric in the world is cotton. This natural fiber is used in clothing items far and wide. But did you know manufacturers can make clothing from several types of cotton? 

Today we are exploring one of the highest-quality kinds of cotton on the market: combed ringspun cotton. 

This type of cotton is a beautiful fabric option for brands that want to create luxurious, quality products that last. Many advantages make this cotton the best choice for your brand’s wholesale hoodies, pullovers, and t-shirts. 

What is combed ringspun cotton?

Combed ringspun cotton is a premium natural fiber that is more refined than any other cotton material on the market.

Specialty manufacturers expertly spin the cotton fiber to create longer, thinner, and stronger threads than your average cotton yarn. This spinning process develops continuous strands that have very few flyaway threads. 

Next, manufacturers comb the cotton yarn to get rid of impurities. This extra step means that combed ringspun cotton has a lower yield, but it creates a finer product. 

The result is a super soft, luxurious cotton fabric that is a must-have for brands and customers.  

Combed ringspun cotton has become one of the most popular materials for apparel because of its high quality. Wholesale and retail brands like Bella + Canvas exclusively use combed ringspun cotton in their wholesale clothing. 

Is it the same as regular cotton?

So, you might wonder what the difference is between combed ringspun and regular cotton. They sound the same!

Combed ringspun cotton is vastly different from regular cotton. The extra steps of processing combed ringspun cotton add a new level of unmatched quality to the final product. 

Creating 100% regular cotton involves twisting cotton fibers together to make the yarn, which manufacturers then weave into a piece of fabric. As a result, there’s no combing out impurities, and regular cotton is not as substantial as ringspun. 

Therefore, regular cotton feels rougher, is less durable, and is substantially cheaper. 

Advantages of combed ringspun cotton

If we still need to convince you that combed ringspun cotton is the best fabric, here are its main advantages. 

Super soft

Combed ringspun cotton is much softer than regular cotton. 

All of the fibers in combed ringspun cotton align in the same direction, making the fabric softer and more flexible to the touch. 

The softness of the fabric gives it a cozy feel, making shirts and hoodies feel like old favorites the first time you wear them. The buttery softness of ringspun cotton fabric elevates a piece of apparel to a new level of luxury that most shoppers can’t deny. 

Great for printing

This cotton fabric is an excellent option for most printing methods because of its super-tight weave.

  • Heat press/heat transfers: Combed cotton’s tight and uniform weave creates a smooth surface that is perfect for heat press printing. Cotton is also resilient to higher temperatures, opening up more printing possibilities. 
  • Screenprinting: There is little-to-no dye migration when you screen print on ringspun cotton. You quickly get a crisp, high-contrast print that is only sometimes possible with uncombed cotton. 
  • Direct-to-garment (DTG): DTG prints come out best on combed ringspun cotton because the fabric is so smooth and flat. Fewer tiny fibers are sticking out, therefore minimizing any blurring or flyaways. 

Long-lasting quality

Ringspun cotton consists of long, continuous strands of fiber. Even though the ringspun fibers are longer, they are more robust because there are no breaks in the yarn. Because of this, combed ringspun cotton is stronger and more durable than regular cotton. 

Apparel made from high-quality cotton lasts longer, is more breathable, and is lightweight. The difference in quality is unmistakable and pieces made with this cotton last for years. 

Disadvantages of combed ringspun cotton

Although combed ringspun cotton is the highest quality cotton, it does have some drawbacks. But, believe it or not, there are better options for everyone. 

Higher price point

Combed ringspun cotton has a precise, specialized manufacturing process. So, a wholesale hoodie or pullover made of this fine cotton costs more.

However, changes in the cotton market can affect wholesale prices of cotton apparel. So even if the price point of combed ringspun cotton may be too high at one point, keep an eye out for any discounts or deals. 

Although the higher price point of combed cotton products is worth it for some brands, it can be a barrier to others. So if you choose a supply of wholesale pullover hoodies made with combed ringspun cotton, be prepared for a high up-front cost. 

The nature of cotton

100% cotton fabric can have some general disadvantages depending on what you are looking for in a product. 

Cotton shrinks easily. Whether your wholesale apparel is ringspun or regular cotton, it will be prone to shrinkage when washed in hot water. You want your clothing to fit customers’ actual size, so keep this in mind when shopping for apparel. 

In addition, cotton is less durable than synthetic fabrics. If you want a strong, flexible, moisture-wicking material, go with 100% polyester or a poly blend. 

Is combed ringspun cotton worth the price?

Combed ringspun cotton is slightly more expensive than open-end cotton, but it is a worthwhile investment for your brand. Shoppers value quality now more than ever. So creating high-value products your customers will love begins with a valuable fabric. 

You may have to pay a little more upfront, but the long-term benefits of your investment will pay off. By choosing apparel made from this higher-quality cotton, you can charge more for your products and increase your profit margin. 

In addition, your brand will build a reputation for creating high-quality, luxurious pieces. Customers will love the soft durability and return to your brand whenever they need a wardrobe refresh. 

Of course, there are situations where a cheaper cotton fabric makes more sense. For example, choosing a more affordable cotton option makes sense for one-time situations like company retreats, family reunions, or fundraiser events. 

However, if you are a brand looking for a consistent supply of wholesale hoodies, tees, and other apparel, combed ringspun cotton is the way to go. 

Where can you buy combed ringspun cotton apparel?

If you want to add clothing made with combed ringspun cotton to your brand’s product line, an apparel wholesaler is your best option. Look for a wholesale supplier with a reputation for providing quality products at a fair price. 

Some wholesalers make it very easy to shop with them because they don’t have a minimum purchase or license requirement. These wholesalers are great options if you are starting your brand. 

You can also buy combed ringspun cotton apparel directly from manufacturers. However, keep in mind that not all manufacturers sell directly to individuals and brands. 

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