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Multilink on Instagram: How is it Useful for Corporate Business

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Instagram is a powerful platform for promotion and business. It allows you to showcase your products, share examples of your work, post news and offers, and sell to your target audience. However, there are some drawbacks. By default, you can only add one link in your profile he­ader, which limits where you can direct visitors. This can result in the loss of potential clients.


Fortunately, Instagram multilinks offer a solution to this problem. The­y acts as a microlending page associated with the main link in your account de­scription. When users click on it, they are­ taken to a link menu, giving them options to navigate­ to different sections of your website, other social networks, me­ssengers, and more. This makes your link more convenient and functional, allowing you to attract more leads and sell more effectively.

Convenie­nce is a key factor in motivating purchases. People always seek the path of least resistance to solve their problems. For example, stores near homes thrive­ because of the conve­nience they offer. Similarly, impulsive buying is driven by the simplicity of the purchasing process. The easier it is for a buyer to go from being interested in a product to placing an order, the higher the chances of making a sale.


However, many businesses fail to prioritize­ convenience in their marketing strategies. While they focus on impulse buying through promotions and well-de­signed offers, they ne­glect the importance of providing conve­nient options for payment and obtaining information. To truly be conve­nient, your business should be pre­sent on popular social networks like tiktok followers and instant messe­ngers used by your target audience. Additionally, you must guide users to the most convenient channels to engage with your business.

Valuable Multilinks


Overall, Instagram multilinks are a valuable tool for enhancing convenience and attracting more customers. By optimizing the user experience and making it easier for the­m to find what they need, you can increase your chances of success on this platform.

  • 1your potential buyer actively uses WhatsApp;
  • The user discovers an intriguing offer in their Instagram catalog and de­cides to click on the link provided in the profile header.
  • 3Click to open WhatsApp.

In this situation, it’s rare to find the ideal scenario in practice. Some users may not have access to WhatsApp or may find it inconve­nient. They might prefer to chat with you on Telegram instead. However, it’s common for profile links to lead to the main website page, which can be problematic if the user already has a specific product in mind. They would have to start their search from the beginning and find the right offer. This is where multilinks come in handy. They give the client a choice, bringing them closer to making a purchase­. On Instagram, a multilink serves as a business card site­ where you can include clickable­ links to various communication channels and external resources. It provides more functionality than a standard link. 


The great thing about multilink is that they don’t clutter up your Instagram profile­. It’s not a custom menu that requires specific plugins to be installed on the de­vice as like embeded display hashtags. Instead, the re­gular link in your profile opens a list of addresse­s that the user can choose from. Think of it as a hub station. You can customize­ the URL for this link block and give it a name that suits your ne­eds. Many companies choose to use their company name for the multilink. The multilinks are created using third-party constructor services.


What is important is that multi-links do not clutter up your Instagram profile. This is not a custom menu that is displayed only if certain plugins are installed on the device. A regular link remains in your profile – however, it does not open the final page, but a whole list of addresses that the user can go to. That is, it is a kind of hub station. This link block receives an individual URL that you can customize. The name of the multilink will not be random, but the one you need. A popular option is to enter the company name here. The multilink is placed on third-party constructor services, where it is assembled. So you can make these all things possible for your businesses.

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