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Radio Controlled Helicopter: Things To Consider When Buying One

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Radio-controlled helicopters are a trendy hobby. The radio controlled helicopters are now a common sight in the sky, especially in larger metropolitan areas. It is not uncommon to see them flying around in the parks or near the beaches. They are popular toys for both children and adults. There are many different types of radio-controlled helicopters on the market today. 

An RC helicopter is a model aircraft controlled with a hand-held transmitter. A controller receives the signal from the transmitter on the helicopter. The aircraft has servos that move the control surfaces in response to the signal from the receiver. 

When purchasing radio-controlled helicopters, keep the following qualities in mind:

Flying a radio-controlled helicopter:

It is critical to consider flying simplicity when selecting an RC aircraft. If this is your first time flying an RC helicopter, you must pick one simple to operate. An RC that is simple to maneuver might be appropriate for small children. Teenagers and small children may fly different models. Make sure the aircraft you select fits your ability level well.

Structure and design:

Additionally, you must consider the radio-controlled helicopter’s structure and design before purchasing. It would help to buy a model with a durable frame and build.

The helicopter will be simple to fly without concern for colliding with anything or breaking during the flight, thanks to a sturdy structure and design. You must remember that the helicopter’s weight might also be influenced by its layout and design.

Tips for beginners

An excellent beginner model is straightforward, made of readily accessible parts, and is provided in a Ready to Fly (RTF) or Bind and Fly (BNF) package. Some fantastic intermediate models can also serve as beginner models. However, some kits require

  • Battery
  • Batteries Terminals
  • Receivers
  • Radio receiver and transmitter
  • Automatic speed regulator

As you advance in the hobby, these components should allow you to own and fly various models without entirely upgrading your starting set of tools.

Due to differences in weight, size, and cell count, batteries for one operating RC model helicopter might not work with another.

Types of radio-controlled helicopters

Glow fuel, also known as nitro fuel or nitromethane-methanol, turbine engines, gasoline (petrol), and electric batteries are typical radio control helicopter power sources. Glow fuel helicopters predominated in production over the first 40 years. But in the past ten years, electric-powered helicopters have reached a developmental stage where their power and flight periods are superior, albeit often shorter than those of glow-fuel helicopters.

The benefits of RC model Helicopters

  • The maintenance and complexity of helicopters make them an exciting hobby.
  • They often don’t have autonomous flight capabilities; thus, you, the operator, always have complete control over the machine.
  • Varying ground levels make their takeoffs simpler.
  • Commands are processed by them more quickly.
  • Because they allow for a more “hands-on” flying experience, RC helicopters are always more enjoyable.
  • They typically fly farther and faster.


Acrobatic and hovering flights are only possible with radio-controlled helicopters. A welcoming international community also exists. In these forums, pilots with similar viewpoints exchange ideas, offer advice, and motivate novices. Starting at the most fundamental level costs a few bucks. However, finding the right shop that offers quality products is crucial. Keep the above things in mind and get started with your RC shopping. 


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