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Renting a boat instead of owning one: 5 reasons

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In Canada, boating is one of the most loved outdoor recreational activities. Whether it’s a long weekend or a mid-week holiday, you can indulge in several fun activities while boating.

During your boating expedition, you are surrounded by picturesque sceneries, fresh air and calming water. Boating with your family and friends can be an incredible stress-reliever.

You don’t need to purchase or own a boat to enjoy the benefits of the boat culture. You can simply rent a boat Montreal from an online rental venue.

So, if you’re planning to rent a boat and indulge in some exciting water adventure, we have listed several fun activities that you should try. But before that, let’s understand how to rent a Boat correctly from an online rental venue as it will directly influence your water experience.

How To Rent A Boat In Montreal?

Finding a vessel from boat rentals in Montreal is easy. Thanks to the intuitive user interface and versatile rental listings updated directly by owners on online rental venues.

Find A Reputed Online Rental Venue

The first and foremost step is finding a reputed and trustworthy online boat rental venue. Go through the online reviews on different websites and social media channels to get an idea about the services provided by the online rental venue. You can also go through their payment refund and cancellation policies to see if the platform is the correct match for you or not.

Explore Listings To Find The Ideal Watercraft

Once you have discovered and selected the ideal online venue for party boat rental Montreal, it’s now time to explore several varieties of vessels in your chosen location. Play with the filters, dive into innumerable possibilities and select a vessel that best suits your requirement.

Create An Account And Submit Your Booking Inquiry

Once you have selected your desired vessel, create an account on the platform using the required credentials.

To proceed further with your inquiry submission, you will also need to get your account verified. The reputed online rental venues generally have an integrated messaging system that allows you to directly connect with the owner.

Share your booking inquiry, any queries, or special requests related to your water adventure.

Schedule And Book Securely

To confirm the booking objective, you will first need to make the entire payment. Reliable party boat and jetski rental Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver offer a secured payment gateway to complete your booking payment.

Once your booking is complete, you will receive the contact information of The vessel owner and vice versa for further discussions.

And that’s it. You are ready for your aquatic adventures. Don’t forget to carry your essential items on the day of the journey.

Share Your Review

To support and promote healthy boat culture in Montreal, sharing reviews and testimonials can be incredibly helpful.

Best Places To Go Boating In Montreal

Here is a list of the best destinations that you can explore during your private boating trip:

Lake Tremblant

Situated at the foot of Mont Tremblant, the lake is nestled between mountainous ridges. This beautiful and expensive waterbody features seven islands and five incredible bays. The shoreline is beautifully orchestrated with verdant woodlands and deciduous and boreal forests.

After you rent a boat Montreal,  you can find several beautiful marinas to launch your boat in Lake Tremblant.

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The St. Lawrence River

Stretching over 3,700 km, this wildly beautiful river flows from the Great Lakes to the Gaspé Peninsula. You can go sailing, indulge in water sports, plan a fishing expedition with your children or relax with a casual swimming session. St. Lawrence river offers a plethora of opportunities for wanderlust souls.

The river is home to countless Islands, stunning cliffs and remarkably beautiful sunset sceneries. Choose boat rentals in Montreal that are affordable and suit your individual requirements.

The Saguenay River

A paradise for many boating enthusiasts, the river boasts spectacularly mesmerizing fjord and remarkable biodiversity. The shoreline is also home to iconic nautical clubs offering myriad services and breathtaking views.

Things you must try while Boating In Montreal

When you rent a boat from an online venue for a party boat rental Montreal, you can try out these exciting activities to make your water adventure a memorable one:


Whether you are into freshwater or saltwater fishing, in Montreal, you don’t need to venture offshore to find a satisfying catch.

With near-shore adventures, you can not just indulge in traditional fishing techniques but also try out fly fishing.


Most boats you will find on online rental venues are equipped for wakeboarding. However, it is recommended that you discuss your watersports requirement with the owner before confirming your booking at an online venue for a private boat and jetski rental Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.

You can easily purchase a wave board and a towing rope either from online or offline stores at affordable prices.

Wakeboarding is a great activity for both adults and kids. It also helps in upper body workout.

Water Skiing

If you love traditional and old-school water activities, water skiing is a perfect choice. In wakeboarding, you will need to maintain a sideways stance. This position can be challenging for older Riders.

However, with water skiing, you can maintain a straight posture. Therefore it is a great activity if you are just getting started or want a less challenging water adventure. Some boat rentals in Montreal might come with water sports equipment at an additional cost.

Riding Tow Toys

It’s a common misconception that inflatable tubes and water toys are for kids. But even adults can enjoy inflatable toys, including Lounge chairs, banana rides and much more. You can purchase your favourite toy from a nearby store for an amazing and fun-filled water adventure.


Boating is a popular activity in Montreal. And therefore, it is recommended that you rent a vessel from an online rental venue in advance. Say hello, to a fun-filled and adventurous boating adventure in Montreal.

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