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Simultaneous Translation To The Conference

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Interpretation of conferences is a service of the SayUp professional certified legal translation agency, which is in great demand among business people, owners of large enterprises cooperating with foreign partners, scientific and cultural institutions, etc.

The peculiarity of the conference is that it involves exclusively oral communication of several people at once, discussing one or more topics. In this case, there is simply no time to capture foreign speech and transfer it to the translator in a graphic or even audio format, so a professional linguist must be directly present during the conference in order to fully cover the discussion or discussion and transfer it to the customer, as well as translate his remarks.

Types of conference translation

Passport translation service of conferences with foreign participants a priori assumes the presence of an interpreter at the event, while his work can be built in two ways:

  • Translation can be sequential, when each speaker, pronouncing a sentence or a short phrase, waits for the interpreter to translate it to others;
  • Translation can be synchronous – in this case there are no pauses between replicas, and the interpreter delivers the translation synchronously with an interval of about 25-30 seconds.

As a rule, consecutive interpreting will be relevant if the foreign audience speaks the same language. If there are representatives of several nationalities in the hall, it is better to use the services of a simultaneous interpreter.

Features of conference translation by SayUp

The main difference between a conference and business negotiations is the participation of a large number of people and the lack of a clear plan. Those participating in such an event are often not professional speakers, they may speak confusedly, indistinctly, even have speech defects. Therefore, an important quality of an interpreter who provides Police and CPS Interpretation at a conference is to be able to recognize well even the most incomprehensible speech and convey to the audience the true meaning of what the speaker said.

Our professional translation agency SayUp employs only experienced translators who have repeatedly taken part in conferences of this kind with a different number of participants. If such a meeting is planned for a long time, we ensure the presence of several linguists in the hall so that the fatigue of one does not negatively affect the quality of the translation.

The linguists of the SayUp agency are provided with everything necessary for the translation of the conference. We pay special attention to the quality of the headset and its competent setting, because it is this equipment that allows you to clearly hear the speaker’s voice and perceive speech as much as possible without drowning it out with your own voice.

Another important feature of conferences is highly specialized topics, for example, automotive, pharmacology, education, scientific research, etc., in connection with which the interpreter must not only be fluent in a foreign language, but also understand a given topic, know the terminology and meaning possible abbreviations to avoid delays in speech.

Our agency has translators who are qualified in a narrow field of translation. They not only have a good command of the vocabulary of this topic, but also constantly improve their skills, vocabulary, try to keep abreast of innovations in this topic, etc.

You can always contact the professional translation agency SayUp if you need a high-quality translation of the conference. The experience and professionalism of our linguists will help you hold an event at the highest level, and the cost of the service will pleasantly surprise you!

Cost of consecutive translation

The cost of consecutive interpreting is determined by the qualifications of the interpreter, the chosen language and the duration of the work. Prices for consecutive interpreting also depend on the degree of complexity, specificity and subject matter of the interpreting.

How to order simultaneous translation for a conference

Send documents by email or photos via WhatsApp and get a ready-made high-quality translation into any language!
We have made more than 10,000 translation of documents and are ready to confirm with certificates of work performed with large companies or reviews and letters of thanks from customers.

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