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Some of the best Adobe Lightroom alternatives in 2022

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Adobe Lightroom is considered one of the most common editing tools for professional photographers. Nevertheless, the program is quite expensive, and now there are no less functional analogs. Today we are going to talk about several programs. If you need more best free Lightroom alternatives visit Skylum`s blog!

Newcomers often do not understand the difference between Photoshop and Lightroom. The first version is used for the most detailed work with images, while the second covers all the basics and this is enough for most photographers. Lightroom is a universal program with basic control functions and is considered a good tool for organizing, importing, and sorting photos. Photoshop is great for more advanced levels of editing and retouching, creating projects from scratch.

If you want to use Photoshop and Lightroom at the same time, you will have to pay as much as $120 per year. If you want to opt-out of the program before the year is up, you’ll have to pay half of the remaining balance, which isn’t very beneficial to users. Fortunately, there are very good quality free alternatives. We’ll take a look at and compare the best alternative to Lightroom.

Luminar Neo

Editing photos on a professional level has never been easier. You can try the free version for 7 days and buy the program if you like it (there is a subscription and lifetime license). Luminar Neo has many AI-based tools that allow you to perfectly edit a photo in just a couple of mouse clicks. For example, Accent AI can analyze the image and determine the best retouching options. The photo will turn into a real work of art, even if you do not have professional editing skills.

With Luminar Neo, edits can be made automatically, but you still have maximum control over the contrast, exposure, temperature, and clarity of the image. There are also a huge number of special presets and retouching tools, making it one of the best replacements for Lightroom.


Darktable is completely free and offers a full-featured non-destructive image adjustment suite and extensive library management options. It allows you to import many RAW and HDR photo formats. The latest version of Darktable takes full advantage of GPU-accelerated image processing. This means that the photo editing functions are incredibly fast. The user interface is very similar to Lightroom, but some features will take some getting used to.

With the ability to set up automatic scripts for constantly repetitive tasks, you’ll have perfectly optimized workflows. It also features a powerful system for exporting finished images. The program is open source, and there are many tutorials with video tutorials and instructions.


Also, a free, open-source application, cross-platform, that works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. A popular option for aspiring photographers who don’t want to pay for an Adobe Photography Plan right away. Among its strong points are exceptional demosaicing, multiple denoising methods, and batch processing. Allows you to process RAW images incredibly quickly and easily. Saves the original file, which can be returned with the click of a button.

RawTherapee has many tools for deep customization. A great option for simple photo editing and basic color correction. A great alternative to Lightroom for users who want access to advanced editing options without learning complicated manuals.

Apple Photos

This is a good replacement for Lightroom which is often overlooked. It comes free with Apple computers. With the latest updates, Apple Photos has been turned into a fully-fledged non-destructive editing program and photo management tool. There are both basic and advanced tools for professionals of all levels. The interface will be equally clear to beginners and professionals.

The latest version of the program contains advanced image search and organizing features, powerful photo correction, and editing tools. Thanks to cloud storage, you will be able to synchronize your images with other Apple devices very easily. The developers have provided all the basic options for adjusting the exposure. The program has a large set of simple but powerful photo editing tools. AI is used to highlight the most successful photos.

Microsoft Windows 10 Photos

Like Apple Photos or Adobe Lightroom, Windows 10 Photos acts as both an image library and editing program. The significant drawback is that it doesn’t support RAW files. Here you’ll be able to tag, caption, and sort images, which is ideal for a large number of photos. You can also use preset filters and a special feature that instantly improves brightness, contrast, and colors.

The program doesn’t include many advanced tools. Nevertheless, Windows 10 Photos will be a good choice for novice photographers who only need minor photo corrections.

Photo Pos Pro

Free software for those who want to simply edit images, or create projects from scratch. With Photo Pos Pro will be able to create collages, business cards, and other types of graphics. JPEG, RAW, and other file formats are supported. When you first open the program, you can choose a regular or professional interface. For basic settings, the first option is quite enough.

To unlock the advanced set of tools, you will have to pay $30. Photo Pos Pro is most often chosen by beginners who do not use photo editors for sorting and organizing photos. The program is quite easy to use and also helps you edit large files very quickly and efficiently.

PhotoScape X

A free editor that can work equally on Mac and Windows. The image library is not as powerful as in Lightroom but still allows you to conveniently tag photos. There are about 1,000 different filters and effects in the program. You’ll also have the ability to use masks, brushes, and layers.

PhotoScape X is positioned specifically as a photo editor, but you will be able to create animated images and collages. Thanks to the advanced toolset, anyone can easily improve their photos without the tedious study of manuals.

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