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Summer Staples: How to Style Women’s Shorts for Effortless Chic

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Some do not think of women’s shorts as particularly chic, but they can be, depending on how you style them and their overall look. This fabulous summer staple is available in many designs, types, and colors and is a must-have for staying cool and comfortable while creating endless fashionable warm-weather outfits. Let’s discuss tips to keep in mind that can help you look effortlessly chic in your favorite pairs of women’s shorts. 

Pair shorts with high-quality pieces

Choosing high-quality pieces can elevate the style of your shorts and your outfit. For example, instead of wearing jewelry that looks cheap and as if it will break any second, invest in excellent, stylish pieces. According to Sanctuary, this does not necessarily mean expensive. You can find many affordable, exquisite options at thrift stores, estate sales, and garage sales.

Dress in a single color

According to Sanctuary Clothing, wearing a single color, such as all black or white, can instantly add style to your shorts for women. Think white shorts with a white bodysuit and a white blazer or black flat-front chino shorts with a black off-the-shoulder top, a black skinny belt, and black sunglasses

Emphasize the shirt

The quality of the women’s shorts will play a big part in how chic the outfit looks, but the shirt is often more noticeable and will require as much consideration–if not more–as the shorts. LA-based brand Sanctuary said

Make sure the shirt expresses everything you want your outfit to say. Consider structured tops with shorts, jeans, and dress pants. 

Choose your footwear carefully

Footwear plays a big part in the level of chicness in your ensemble. Black footwear is a must if you want a combo of style and versatility. Heels lend elegance to women’s shorts, but flats can look just as fashionable. Whatever you choose, keep the shoes as clean as possible. 

Get a versatile, structured handbag

As reported by Sanctuary, a structured handbag is an excellent investment that can complement almost any chic outfit you put together. Once again, you can spend little money. Many great budget-friendly, trendy options are also durable and will hold up to frequent use. 

Choose a turtleneck

Although many wear turtlenecks in fall and winter, they can be excellent summer wear, significantly during the season change or during chilly summer evenings. There are long-sleeve, elbow-length, short-sleeve, and cap-sleeve styles, giving you plenty of options. White, cream, or black are especially perfect hues. Tuck the turtleneck into the women’s shorts for a streamlined look.

Wear a structured button-up shirt

A structured button-up in hues of white or black can be a phenomenal way to look chic for casual, semi-casual, and professional settings. Considering many of these shirts can often easily wrinkle, opt for wrinkle-free button-ups or keep an iron or steamer on hand to use before you leave your home.

Avoid doing too much in a single outfit

Clothing brand Sanctuary reports that keeping it simple is often the key to looking chic. For example, if you wear patterned women’s shorts, opt for a plain top, and stick to a few pieces of jewelry rather than layering them on. Doing too much can often be more distracting than fashionable and could overcomplicate the outfit.

Invest in tailoring

Many buy shorts and wear them as is, but getting them tailored is an easy way to make them look even better. Simple changes, cinching in the waist or lengthening the hem, can make a big difference. They can look more like custom pieces that perfectly fit your style and body.

Add intrigue with accessories

Options like wide-brim summer hats, dainty anklets, and oversized black sunglasses can complement women’s shorts. Choose accessories that are investment pieces that incorporate well into many of your outfits. Adding two or three could transform a stylish yet plain outfit into an extraordinary one. 

Wear what you feel good in

The ultimate way to look chic while wearing women’s shorts–or any outfit–is to feel good in what you are wearing. If you feel uncomfortable in your outfit, you are tugging and adjusting it, or you do not like what you are wearing, other people will likely notice. When you can walk out of your home knowing you look great in your favorite pair of women’s shorts, it will be evident to those around you.

Choose undergarments wisely

Wearing uncomfortable undergarments can feel even worse when it is hot out. Choose options that will feel comfortable underneath your women’s shorts and not cause you to readjust constantly. Should you wear shapewear under the shorts, consider options like shapewear bodysuits. There are options from tank top styles to turtlenecks, giving you an entire range of styles to work with. 

When you accumulate a good selection of classic, chic basics, combining summer outfits with your fabulous women’s shorts is easier. Always put careful consideration into every ensemble you create so you can look as gorgeous as you desire whenever you head out for the day. 

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