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The Latest Asana Software vs Miro Software Features Guide

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The name Asana is derived from a yoga position that is taken as a way of restoring the balance of the energetic flow. Asana software performs a similar task of creating balance within workflows and ensuring that projects are streamlined properly. The Miro whiteboard tool is useful in managing meetings, brainstorming ideas, and executing plans efficiently. 

The following is a brief guide on Asana software vs Miro software features to see how they differ from each other. 

Asana Software

The Asana software is used by several teams around the world for project management, campaign execution, and workload balance for agile projects. The following features are what make Asana special:

Setting Goals

Your team is motivated by goals for project success. The Asana software helps you cultivate a healthy competitive culture by setting goals so you can also see the progress that teams are making. 

With the help of the goal features, you can ensure that there are no conflicts and that teams are able to function in alignment. Moreover, each member can see the impact of their input on the overall success of the project. 

Workflow Builder 

The workflow builder is a smart management feature that combines important information and brings cohesion to work. You can, first of all, import information to Asana to create a single source of truth. Moreover, you can access reports and insights for project overview. You can measure the development, identify issues, and ensure smooth execution. 

The workflows can be automated to assign tasks, set due dates, request status updates, and so on. Even when it comes to job intake, you can rest assured that a systemized intake of forms is followed. 

Visual Management Boards

The Asana software cultivates the Kanban board so you can visualize information such as capacity, plan, tasks, etc. Moreover, it will be useful in spotting bottlenecks before an issue poses itself as a serious risk. You can manage information using the columns and cards that are available on the Kanban board as well. Furthermore, you can toggle between different boards without feeling stuck to one. You can check the Gantt board for deadlines, access timelines, and other visual task boards. 


Many problems can be resolved by being able to access reports and insights into the projects. Not only can you track the development but also identify any roadblocks to resolve conflicts in a timely manner. The Asana software presents information within dashboards that offer a neat and organized view of the details rather than mixing everything together. It even integrates graphs and charts to portray data in a way that is useful for your project. And finally, you can access data about each project that you are working on. In case you want to garner details, you can click on a data point for further information. 


The workload feature is another tool that restores online workspace balance. It ensures that all team members are provided with equal opportunities to excel without being overwhelmed. Additionally, you can manage the workload by making sure that you know what each member is responsible for and their list of tasks too. If at any point you want to reallocate tasks, you can do it with the simple drag-and-drop interface within minutes as well. 

Asana Demo 

For a quick introduction, the Asana demo is available in the form of a two-minute-long video that shares key features of the software. 

Asana Cost

The Asana software provides four different pricing values. The first option is free, the second Asana pricing is $10, and the premium costs around $24. The pricing for the enterprise plan is not available as it is generated based on the specifications that you can provide.

Miro Software

The Miro software is equipped with numerous tools that provide a platform where you can conduct meetings that are vibrant yet productive. It cultivates a wide range of features that serve the purpose of simplifying brainstorming:


The Miro software features a canvas that is infinitely zoomable so you can capture every detail properly. Moreover, it promotes creativity between team members who want to control their projects from different angles. 

Product Management 

The Miro software also has numerous options for users who want to manage their products and create a roadmap that can help them execute ideas. You can communicate the strategy with your team as well as connect customer input along with it. The functions listed for product management also help you create a blueprint for the journey so you can build products with confidence. 


If you seek a platform that has elaborate tools for brainstorming, the Miro software could be a great choice. The Stickies Capture tool is able to capture physical boards and turn them into editable boards. 

Users will gain access to over 120 templates so that they can edit their boards in accordance with the requirements of the project. The Kanban board will further assist the visualization of every angle. 

Likewise, you can enhance the context by adding images, documents, drawings, and similar elements. You can import data from spreadsheets as well. It can be said that Miro software entirely consolidates data on one platform to ensure that you can optimize collaboration with the team. 

Miro Demo 

The Miro demo relates information regarding the various aspects of the software to help you understand best practices. The demo is integrated within the blog that is accessible through the Miro website. 

Miro Cost

There are five plans supported by the Miro cost. The first option is free, the second plan is called team and costs $8, the business pricing option is $16. The cost of the enterprise is based on the numbers of users who will be part of your team and using the plan. The final plan is a customized subscription option. It is called ‘consultants’ and provides special workspaces for clients. The cost of the consultant plan is $12.

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