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Things to check before buying homes in Surprise with a pool

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The city of Surprise in Arizona endears itself to buyers because of its low crime rate, several schools, lovely weather, moderate traffic, and ample job opportunities. 

Unsurprisingly, the housing market in Surprise is competitive, with a property selling after about 47 days in the market. Properties have a median price of 460,000 USD, with experts predicting an increase in the future. 

If you are interested in buying a house, now is the time to do it. You can hire experienced real estate agents to help you find Surprise, Arizona, homes for sale with a pool. 

Here is some more information you will find helpful if you’re looking to buy a home with a pool in this city.

Reasons to have a pool 

Surprise is a great place to own a home with a backyard pool because of its remote location, as it is located away from the bustling metro areas. Another reason is the hot summers from May to September when temperatures frequently cross 98°F. 

Interestingly, you will be surprised at the variety of homes with pools in this part of Arizona. There are luxurious homes with expansive pools and standard-sized ones for single families. Either way, you have plenty of choices.

Things to check before buying a home

These are some factors you might want to consider before purchasing a property in Surprise, Arizona. 


Homes with swimming pools in Surprise cost between 400,000 USD to 600,000 USD. The price depends on various factors like the number of baths, bedrooms, the total area in square feet, lot size, year of construction, etc. 

Number of bedrooms and baths

You should check the number of bedrooms and baths in a property. The minimum number of bedrooms and bathrooms in a standard home in Surprise is two, while many have four bedrooms with three baths. The main bathroom usually has facilities such as double sinks, a private toilet room, and a separate shower and tub.

Amenities available

Does the property have a secluded flex room for versatile use, an electric heating system, and does the laundry have in-built cabinets and utility sinks? 

You might also consider checking whether the house has a heating system or fireplace since the temperatures in Surprise, Arizona, often fall as low as 41°F.

Construction Frame

You should know the construction frame of the house in advance. For example, what materials is it made of? Most homes in Surprise stand on slabs, with solid steel cables providing reinforced foundations. 

Things to know before owning a pool

The Planning and Development Department of Maricopa (where Surprise is located) has specific pool requirements that all homeowners must comply with.

The swimming pool should not be located in the house’s front yard and must be at least three feet from the property lines. Barriers like five-foot walls are mandatory for pools wider than eight feet and deeper than 12 inches. You should obtain permits from the relevant authorities before installing the fence.

Owners in Surprise are also responsible for ensuring the maintenance of external barriers at all times without altering any section, except for repair, replacement, or reconstruction.

Before buying a home with a pool, you should check if it meets these legal requirements or not. 

You should contact experienced real estate professionals to search for Surprise, Arizona homes for sale with pool. as they will ensure you get the kind of property you want. They will also alert you immediately for new house vacancies while helping you with other purchase-related information like projections, historical data, and reports with data on Surprise real estate.

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