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Top 10 AI Applications That All Businesses Must Know in 2023

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In these modern times, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed the tech industry by improving performance and supporting exponential growth. As per Statista, the global AI market size will grow to around 126 billion dollars by 2025. Likewise, the mobile application market will experience an exponential growth of more than 613 billion dollars by 2025. Hence, the significance of using AI models to enhance mobile applications cannot be denied. The following sections of the article discuss the top 10 AI-based mobile applications in detail, highlighting the significance of boosting business performance. 

Popular 10 AI Applications Revolutionizing the World

Artificial Intelligence models mimic the human brain to solve real-world problems and make effective business decisions. The technology relies on Computer Science & large datasets to produce high-quality results. Modern-day industries use AI, and the domain of mobile applications is no exception. Below are ten famous AI applications that are transforming the world. 


Siri is a top-notch Virtual Assistant (VA) from Apple that is one of the most popular AI applications. The artificial intelligence-driven VA is available on multiple platforms iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and audioOS. Siri accepts voice queries and works with a natural language User Interface (UI) to make calls, forward messages and offer suggestions to users. 


Cortana is one of the best AI applications from Microsoft. The AI-driven Virtual Assistant is available on Windows 10, Windows Mobile, Microsoft Band, Amazon Alexa and Xbox One. Customers can also use Cortana in headsets such as HyperX Cloud X. 

Cortana also offers hands-free help, answers queries and shows reminders. With time, Cortana can upgrade itself to deal with more complex duties. 

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the best AI applications that is voice-powered. Google has collaborated with multiple companies to offer Google Assistant (GA) on smartphones, headphones and cars. Moreover, GA can easily process voice commands and text queries with the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

According to Cnet, Google has expanded the reach of GA, and it works with 10,000 devices and across 1,000 brands, such as iPhones. 


Alexa, which is also known as Amazon Alexa, is one of the AI applications which is a virtual assistant. Initially, Clients used it with Amazon Echo & Amazon Echo Dot intelligent speakers. With time, experts made it available on android and iOS. Alexa accepts voice queries because of its natural language processing abilities. This way, Alexa enables voice interaction, music playback and several other services. Customers can easily create work lists, set up alarms, and listen to podcasts. The cutting-edge technology also provides real-time information on weather, traffic, and other important events. 

ELSA Speak

ELSA Speak is a state-of-the-art AI applications app that facilitates learning English language. Users can easily master pronunciation by practicing short dialogues. Artificial intelligence trends provide real-time feedback, which supports learning milestones. The world-class digital application utilizes speech recognition technology. This caters to the needs of around 4 million customers in 100+ countries. 


Socratic is one of the popular AI applications that facilitates students with Maths. Google acquired the digital app when it relaunched on iOS. Users can take a photo of the math problem, and AI models will provide visual explanations for the concepts to facilitate learning. The socratic app can process both text & speech input and supports consumers in understanding science, literature and other subjects. The app is available on Android and fully compatible with iPad. 


Fyle is an AI-driven expense management application, and it is available for desktop PC, android & iOS. It provides a smart management space and easily integrates with Google G suite, & Microsoft Office 365. Corporations like Royal Enfield use Fyle because it provides world-class features.

  • Extracting data instantly
  • Reporting expenses accurately
  • Tracking corporate cards quickly
  • Performing policy checks
  • Facilitating smooth operations


DataBot is one of the powerful Virtual Assistant that is accessible on Windows 10, android & iOS. Consumers can benefit from it on Xbox One, iPad and iPod. The digital application processes voice queries and caters to the needs of clients. DataBot can provide the required information in the form of images and multimedia presentations. It gathers desired data from Google searches, RSS channels & many more platforms. 


Hound is an AI-driven app that is easily available on Android & iOS. It can easily process voice input because of its natural processing abilities. Consumers can use it hands-free. This digital application provides results instantly. Customers can easily receive news, weather information and call Uber. 


Youper is an AI-driven emotional health application that is conveniently available on android & iOS. This enables consumers to take charge of emotional health through short conversations. Clients can also enjoy customized meditations to boost mental and emotional health. 

Concluding Remarks

Businesses worldwide are using AI applications in their mobiles to secure a competitive advantage in a tough market atmosphere. Moreover, experts can collaborate with third-party vendors to solve real-world problems using AI applications and strengthen relationships with clients. 

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