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Top 10 Tricks to Save Money on Your TV & Internet Bills

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TV and Internet packages are the key expenses that none of us can avoid. In this digital world where everything relies on the availability of the internet, even for TV entertainment, thus having a reasonable or under the budget internet package is no less than a blessing. For many of us managing monthly bills against the TV and internet services we have used throughout the month is quite challenging. And this can sometimes put us in a great deal of trouble, in the form of taking out a significant sum of money from our pockets, unexpectedly.

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In such situations, the only thing that comes to mind for most of us is what can we do to trim down our monthly internet and TV bills? Or how can we get to the right TV and Internet package that falls under our budget? Well, the answer is very simple, yet tricky. Why? Because you can do little research work to find the best internet service providers in your neighborhood and can inquire from your friends, neighbors, or colleagues to share some reasonably priced internet and TV packages.

Despite that, there is still no guarantee that you will get your kind of reasonable or under the budget internet and TV package. As everyone’s definition of best and reasonability is different, theirs doesn’t need to match yours.

Now you must be wondering what you should do to save money? Don’t worry, you have landed on right blog, loaded with the best 10 tricks that will help you in making incredible savings on your monthly TV and internet bills. Feeling excited? You must be, as there’s nothing can be more excited than finding tricks for saving extra money!

So, let’s start exploring these tricks to make maximum savings on your monthly internet and TV bills.

1. Pay for What You Watch Only

Yes! You read it right. Does it make any sense to pay for the food you have not eaten? Of course not. The same goes for paying for a list of channels, contents, internet speed, download speed, upload speed, or other services, that you are either contemplating or partially not using.

Neither you nor your family must be watching the entire list of premium or other channels every day, working on the fastest internet speed every day, playing online games all the time, or sending and downloading emails, files, documents, photos, assignments, and else all day. Then why are you paying for all these services? 

Simply go through your extended list of channels to pin out the channels you and your family don’t watch at all, watch once in a blue moon, watch daily, and then remove all channels subscriptions leaving out just the couple of channels that come under regularly watch.  Follow the same trick for identifying other useless services that you are paying for in your TV package, it will remarkably lower down your monthly bill.

For the internet package, you need to reevaluate your household internet need. Make a list of your entire household’s online activities, the number of smart devices, smart home appliances, and users connected to your internet connection, and data usage. You can also check how frequently or moderately your family, or you are involved in online activities.

Is there any hard-core gamer in your home, a person working remotely, or a student taking daily online classes? Then compare this list with your current internet package and discuss it with your ISP to find whether you have the right package, or if there is something extra you are paying for. If you find something extra, remove it from your internet package right away.

However, if there is a need of moving to some larger internet speed tier package that will free you from the outrage of data or low-speed issues at a reasonable price, then go for it. Because sometimes data outage is also a major reason for the increase in monthly bills and it can be avoided by moving to an unlimited data package.

2. Local WIFI

Another trick is to replace your internet package with freely available local WiFi in your neighborhood. Most restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, and other public spots have a free WiFi hotspot for visitors. All you need to do, is search for any free WIFI hotspot near you utilizing Open WiFi Spots or WiFi Free Spot directories which are available online.

It will be the cheapest way to stream your favorite content, play online games, or do almost every online activity without paying bills for TV and internet packages.

3. Search What Other ISPs are offering

If the ISP you are currently in a contract with, is a bit pricy than other providers in your area, you can undergo thorough research work to compare the rates charged by other providers for similar packages. If you find your package more pricy than others, negotiate with your provider confidently.

Make your ISP cut down your bill by talking to its customer services. Sometimes the ISP tends to offer promotional price as well but these price tags are worthy for a specific duration. So beware! You can also prepare a thorough list of providers along with the package’s details and prices to strongly defend your argument.

4. Say Goodbye to Your ISP

If your ISP is charging a lot and won’t negotiate their pricing, then it’s time for you to bid farewell. Since you have a list of cheaper ISPs with similar internet and TV packages, you can easily switch to the best of all within no time. So do it without any further ado to save more money with the same level of service.

5. Digital Sabbatical

Make it a practice to shut down your WIFI and TV for specific hours every day or on the weekends to let your system rest. It will help you in many ways such as a reduction in the monthly bill because of deduction in internet usage and streaming hours and giving some quality time to your family, neighbors, friends, and yourself.

6. Remove Your Cable TV Service

Sounds crazy? It must be, but today it does not make any sense to have cable TV service if you have a robust and blazing internet speed package. As we know that almost every drama, season, show, sequel, sitcom, sports event, and other TV content is available on a different website. That you can access it legally for free just by finding the right website.

This initiative will not only help you in cutting down a huge sum of money from your monthly bill, but will also help you in watching only the content that you and your family prefer.

7. Replace Your TV with Tablet

If you have fortunately got our aforementioned point to quit a TV package, we would like to encourage you to take one more step towards ultimate saving by replacing your home TV with advanced tablets. Today various networks including the HGTV and ABC have launched free applications for Android and iPad users to watch their TV lineups without paying any charges.

Moreover, Yahoo! Entertainment is also providing a channel guide for free that helps you in watching your favorite shows without missing any. Isn’t it cheaper mean for unlimited entertainment?

8. Downsize Your Internet and TV Package

For instance, if you are not willing to quit any of the packages or services, you can try out the trick of scaling up your current internet and TV plan to cut down some costs. Thoroughly check out your monthly bill to find out the service you are paying for and the amount against each of it. Then find out what extra perks are you are paying unnecessarily for. Once you make your list, talk to your ISP and remove all those services without wasting any time. This trick will cut down your monthly bill cost significantly without losing your internet and TV package.

9. Bundle Up 

It is the best trick for not only cutting down costs, but also for facilitating users with ultimate convenience. Acquiring a home phone, cable TV, and internet connection from one provider will bring you many complimentary services for free and prevent you from countless additional charges. So, try to find the best bundle package at your existing ISP or search for the provider in your area where you can make the best use of the bundling trick.

10.Become an E-reader

Go to public libraries offering e-books to e-readers for free. You can use the internet connection of such libraries to browse freely. However, don’t forget to take your headphones with you.


Internet is no longer a luxury and has become a necessity of life. Whether you are a student, doing jobs, a gamer, a housewife, an older member of the family, or a toddler, you somehow rely on internet service. That’s why regardless of how hard your financial condition is, you need to have and pay for an internet connection.

Hopefully, the aforementioned tricks will help you in cutting down your monthly bill so you can keep affording this essential service without taking out a huge sum from your pocket.

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