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Vessel Survey in Oman by Al Nowras Logistics Solution

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Al Nowras Logistics Solution is an established logistics provider in Sultanate of Oman that offers an array of shipping services at competitive rates, with both air freight and sea freight available as options for shipment. They pride themselves in delivering superior customer service with unparalleled support for every order they ship out.

Military and political conflicts over Swahili coastal cities continued throughout the reign of the Sultanate (e.g. Sayyid Said’s attempts to take Kilwa back from Mazrui in 1823). These were not simply commercial disputes; military intervention often became necessary as well.

For vessel survey in Oman, opt for Al Nowras Logistics Solution. 

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is an unavoidable part of international cargo transportation. Although some may find the process involved with customs clearance cumbersome, hiring a professional customs clearance broker is vital to ensure that your shipment reaches its destination on time. Al Nowras Logistics Solution is one of Oman’s largest freight transportation companies and offers door-to-door delivery, in addition to offering various other shipping services with its fleet of over 200 trucks dedicated to quality service.

Al Nowras’ customers can have peace of mind that their goods will arrive safely and on schedule, thanks to their team’s 50 years of experience handling any shipping requirements. Furthermore, Al Nowras leads in air freight transport while also offering various value-added services like project logistics, warehousing and custom clearance.

Although the British were worried that Qawasim presence in Muscat might provide a platform from which to attack Britain’s Indian trade, they also believed that strengthening Omani-Western ties would serve their own commercial interests – specifically Sayyid Said who had vested interests in ensuring shipping security in the southern Gulf and would benefit from closer political ties with Britain.

Sayyid Said stressed to Wellsted during their discussions that his forebears did not engage in what is understood by the British as “piracy”, rather they conducted their attacks against invading British and Indian rivals from within a legitimate framework of city-state warfare with political rivals.


Al Nowras Logistics Solutions stands out among GCC countries’ shipping companies as a trusted company, thanks to their dedicated team of experts available 24/7 to answer your inquiries and deliver excellent service. Over 200 trucks make up its vast network and allow it to offer door-to-door shipping for its shipments.

Military and political conflicts along the Swahili coast cities continued throughout Sayyid Said’s rule (notably his attempt to seize Mombasa from Mazrui in 1823) but were not limited to Oman alone. While residents favored Omani rule over Portuguese because they continued taking part in Indian Ocean trade networks rather than succumb to mercantilist monopolies like those practiced by Portugal; additionally it may reflect Omani culture more generally which embraces self-regulating social reciprocity that conflicts with contractual administration by states.

Oman has shown its diplomatic prowess by effectively conveying to Tehran their displeasure at Iranian behavior without jeopardising GCC relations, thus reinforcing the importance of distinguishing clearly between Oman’s obligations as part of the GCC – including defense of UAE – and vital bilateral relationships such as Iran which should never depend on short-term political issues.


Oman has long taken advantage of its geographical isolation to participate in larger Indian Ocean circuits of exchange and interaction. Many significant coastal towns were the primary nodes that linked Oman into these networks – this enabled Oman’s integration into wider Indian Ocean circuits as well as creating an independent commercial culture that supported domestic political actions and foreign diplomatic activities.

Oman offers an intriguing case study when considering how social practices intersect with politics and diplomacy, providing insight into how the state fosters and governs this mercantile culture.

In 1820, Sayyid Said joined forces with the British to fight an uprising from within his Sharqiyah region by the Bani Bu Ali tribe who had adopted Wahhabism and rebelled against Sayyid Said’s rule. Furthermore, stronger relations with Britain presented commercial opportunities.

As well as his military and political struggles over Swahili city-states – such as Qawasim attacks on Omani ships plying the Gulf route between Muscat and Basra – he faced internal rivalry within his family members; specifically his nephew Badr bin Saif was engaged in an internal struggle over control of Dhofar’s preferred trade routes with East Africa which further increased tensions with Qawasims.


Al Nowras Logistics Solutions stands out as a premier road transport logistics company in Sultanate. Their services include customs clearance and bonded transportation. Their professional staff provides high-quality services with transparency to clients. Furthermore, Al Nowras also offers 24-hour customer support as well as competitive quotes – not forgetting their strong relationships with leading companies throughout GCC region.

Omanis played an essential part in the Muslim conquest of the Indian Ocean, both military and administrative operations. Caliph Umar recognized their value to Muslim conquest, and sent Uthman bin Abi As from Julfar (now Ras al-Khaimah in UAE) with an army consisting largely of Omani soldiers to take possession of several coastal cities in Persia; historian Joseph Kechichian believes this initiative was undertaken as part of an attempt at quick and decisive control in an attempt to end Dhofari rebellion within Persian borders.

Oman had to strike a delicate balance when acting against Iranian actions; sending a signal of displeasure while simultaneously maintaining relations cultivated since Sultan Qaboos first visited Tehran would continue in spite of shifting circumstances and political considerations. Omanis had high hopes that long-term considerations based on geography would ultimately trump short-term political concerns.

Al Nowras Transport & Custom Sealing in Oman provides comprehensive transportation logistics services with offices located in Salalah, Khatam Malha and Wadi Al-Jazi. Their large fleet of trucks and vast network of connections allow this company to manage any size shipment easily as well as help expedite customs clearance needs – which can often take a considerable amount of time and energy. Furthermore they also offer value added services like warehousing and air freight shipping.

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