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What are the Health Benefits of using Amla Powder?

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Amla, or Indian gooseberry, is a fruit native to the region around India. The yellowish-green amla fruit is the star of sweet treats like murabbah, in which the fruit is cooked in a sugar syrup. After using organic amla powder, you won’t know what you did without it. Amla, sometimes called Indian gooseberry, is used in its construction because it is versatile and nutrient-rich. It can be consumed in the form of food or used topically to the skin and hair. Amla’s numerous health advantages have given rise to the term “holy medicine,” which has been used to describe its medicinal use for millennia. It’s also known as amlaki, or the nectar of life.

Dry amla powder, has been traditionally used in Indian Ayurvedic treatment and is a wonderful delicacy. Amla has been credited with helping with things like decreasing cholesterol, enhancing lung function, and reducing the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux illness in contemporary medicine.amla powder

Amla powder: what exactly is it?

Gooseberry powder, or amla powder, is a dietary supplement that may be used with yogurt, milk, or smoothies for a tangy, fruity flavor. Amla fruit includes helpful ingredients such polyphenol-rich antioxidants, anti-inflammatory triterpenoids, and antiseptic essential oils. You may utilize the entire plant, from leaves to fruit, to manufacture amla powder.

Benefits of Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

Let us take a look at the main Amla Powder Benefits (Indian Gooseberry) in detail:

Boosts immunity

Indian gooseberries are natural immune booster as they contain a powerful cocktail of vitamins C and A, polyphenols, alkaloids, and flavonoids like quercetin and kaempferol. According to study published in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics, amla has powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Amla juice, in Ayurveda, is often used to increase white blood cells in the body, which are the main line of defense for the immune system. White blood cells attack and remove toxins and foreign substances in the bloodstream throughout the body

Gooseberry contains chromium, which has therapeutic value for diabetics. It stimulates isolated group of cells that secrete insulin, thus lowering blood sugar in diabetic patients. When blood sugar is low, cells use glucose for functional energy. Therefore, the metabolism is stronger and you have more energy, without the dips and spikes in blood sugar that are dangerous for diabetics. Chromium also enhances effect of beta-blockers, which are used for heart health, by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol levels in the body. A 2011 research study on the effect of amla fruit on blood glucose and lipid profile of type 2 diabetics stated that it has anti-hyperglycemic and lipid-lowering properties.

Prevents heart disease

Blueberries, gooseberries, and other berries are beneficial to cardiovascular health. By fortifying the heart, organic amla powder improves blood flow to other parts of the body. The chromium in amla powder lowers the risk of atherosclerosis by preventing the accumulation of plaque in blood vessels and arteries. Stroke and heart attack risks may be reduced as a result. Amla’s iron concentration also encourages the production of new red blood cells, which boosts oxygen delivery to organs and cells and so aids in the speedy recovery and growth of damaged tissues.

Balances Blood Sugar Levels

Many Ayurvedic medications for treating type 1 and type 2 diabetes have Amla as a key component. When tested on animals, Amla extracts caused a decrease in blood glucose levels. Fasting and post-meal blood sugar levels were shown to be significantly reduced in the Amla powder group in the 2011 study. Chromium in Amla or Indian Gooseberry powder makes the body more sensitive to insulin, which benefits those with diabetes by reducing their blood sugar levels. Fresh Amla, Amla juice, or Amla powder can all be consumed daily to help maintain blood sugar levels stable. You should talk to your doctor before beginning daily Amla intake if you are already taking any drugs.

Eye care

Consuming pure amla powder, which is rich in vitamin A, with a little honey, is good for improving eyesight. Helps improve myopia and cataracts while reducing intraocular tension. This is mainly due to impressive carotene content, which has long been known for its powerful effect on vision-related conditions, including those stemming from free radical damage. Vitamin A and carotene improve vision, while reducing the risk of macular degeneration and night blindness!

Consuming amla powder, according to Ayurveda, increases vitality and vigor, and the underlying reason is probably related to its ability to revitalize the liver. Not much attention is paid to liver health, despite the fact that it affects a large part of the population. A 2013 study on the hepatoprotective properties of Indian gooseberry published in the journal Food Function says that the fruit is effective in preventing the toxic effects of excessive medication and toxic metals. The presence of phytochemicals such as quercetin, gallic acid, corilagin, and ellagic acid in amla help to scavenge free radicals and in turn detoxify the body.

Where can I get instructions on using Amla powder?

To use, make a paste using the powder and warm water, then rub it into your skin. Rinse your face with water after ten to fifteen minutes, and then put on some moisturizer. It’s multipurpose, and you can use amla powder for hair by making hair mask with it.

Results for the Amala Powder

From what we’ve seen, Amala Powder is a fantastic vitamin C source.

Anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, and antioxidant properties are just a few of vitamin C’s well-known advantages to health.

Amla Powder has no known side effects or cautions, however its consumption should still be approached with prudence. Its side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, loss, and low blood pressure. You can also get to know how to use amla powder for drinking and have its benefits.

It is possible for the contents to be tainted if they are sold in powder, pill, or capsule form. Avoid purchasing or trusting Amla from questionable sources. A quality guarantee and proof of origin document should accompany your purchase.


Though we have made every effort to include all of the possible health advantages of Amla powder, we would not be shocked if we had left out some. Amla powder for eating, when gargled and diluted, can help mouth ulcers heal faster. Amla powder is a natural blood purifier and helps flush out harmful pollutants. It’s fantastic for lowering blood pressure and enhancing cognitive abilities, too.

Considering the long list of advantages associated with using Amla powder for skin, it’s clear that it belongs in everyone’s daily supplement regimen. Consume it everyday to not only reduce your risk of getting sick but also to help you keep any chronic conditions under better control. As a natural supplement derived from plants, it is well tolerated by the body and absorbed far more effectively than synthetic alternatives. At Distacart, you get the pure, high-quality Amla Powder made in India which offer you great health benefits as mentioned. You can blindly use Amla powder as it is all organic and has been used in Ayurveda as medicine. Products from best brand of organic amla powder like Mesmara Herbal Amla Powder, Herbal Hills Organic Powder, Just Jaivik Organic Powder, Organic Tattva Amla Powder, Hamdard Zulamia Powder, H&C Amla Powder and Siddhagiri’s Satvyk best organic Amla Powder are some of the best choices at Distacart .

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