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What is a Biography?

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The biography may be writing that addresses the lifetime of a historical or popular personality of interest to the readership, providing details regarding the conditions of birth and death, triumphs and failures, likewise as other pertinent information.

Biographies are prepared by a researcher or specialist within the field , and not by the identical personality (as in an autobiography). This specialist is understood as a biographer and therefore the personality as a biographer .

The characteristics are diverse since they rely on the interest and approach of the biographer regarding the life and importance of the biographee, but they sometimes have in common that they’re more or less circumscribed to the events of his life, providing the historical keys that are desirable to know its relevance to opinion.

How to make a biography

Biography – a way to make a biography

To make a story correctly, it’s important to stay in mind the ten recommendations that are mentioned below:

Decide who the biography are about. If it’s a couple of star, a friend, or if it’s a private biography.

Collect all the possible information, from the date and place of birth, to more outstanding events taken from letters, magazines, newspapers, photos, but specially, the data provided by friends and family.

Thoughts should be organized before setting out to write and analyze which a part of the character’s life is most interesting to spotlight. Some questions that may help are: what? who? when? how? why?

Write within the person if the biography is about others.

It should start with the character’s name. At the start it should be assumed that the readers unskilled person about the character.

The most important merits should be mentioned, if they’re of interest. The achievements, awards or merits are really significant, therefore they need to be included.

Finally, the work must be edited , reading it aloud so as to work out the rhythm and sounds, thus preventing repetition of data

Biography types

There are different types of biography, in step with their official status:

Authorized. The one that has the approval of the biographer or his heirs and executors, that is, the one that has survived a particular process of censorship.

Unauthorized. That is written without approval and revision of the biographed character or his heirs.

False. it’s called false autobiography or false biography to works of fiction that faux to be biographical writings.

Delimitation of the biography

Read biography example

jake andrich

did violet myers passed away


The biography of an officer will deal specifically together with his training within the area.

Every biography is born from a necessary delimitation: that of the foremost relevant aspects of the biography’s life . Although it’s intended to offer the reader an entire impression of it, it’s not true that each one the main points are told, only those relevant to the actual approach pursued.

For example, a biography a few politician will emphasize his background within the field or the first childhood events that marked his adult behavior , but not his favorite foods or other forgettable aspects.

The objectivity of the biography

Certain objectivity is usually required from a biography when relating the facts . a biographer can supply a particular interpretation of the identical, which may be more or less subjective, but at no time can he falsify what happened, hide, lie or distort the historical truth.

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