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What is included in a Desert Safari Dubai?

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Tour of the desert seeing the sights in Dubai is a must for any visitor. Tourists can enjoy the vast desert landscape and various thrilling activities during this one-of-a-kind excursion. A desert safari Dubai is the perfect outing for anyone, whether you’re in the mood for excitement or want to kick back and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Here take a closer look at what is included in your desert safari Dubai visit:

Morning desert safari

Nobody can resist the beauty of dawn. And they have enchanted properties in the Middle East. It is a great way to exercise and experience the thrill of the desert in the morning (whether a dune-bashing ride, a journey on camelback, a quad-biking session, etc.). Seeing the dawn’s rays reflected off the vast, undulating dunes is a must-do on any desert safari.

Evening desert safari

Evening desert safaris feature the same activities as morning safaris, a freshly cooked barbecue meal, henna tattoos, falconry demonstrations, sheesha (hookah) sessions, traditional Emirati dance, and music performances (like Arabian belly dancers and tanoura dance performances). And naturally, you’ll take it all in as the sun sinks behind the horizon and paints the desert in a dazzling array of pinks, oranges, and golds.

Overnight desert safari

Take in the splendor and grandeur of Dubai’s desert after dark. Relax your soul under the starry Arabian night sky while engaging in various desert-themed activities, such as indulging in a sumptuous meal, watching traditional performances, and spending the night under the stars. The significant part about this choice is that you can watch the sun set or rise over the desert.

Dinner in the desert

Suppose you want to avoid the adrenaline-pumping adventure activities that are part of a typical desert safari Dubai trip but still take in the desert’s natural beauty. In that case, this is the tour for you. Enjoy a sumptuous barbeque in the middle of the desert while also participating in various activities that pay homage to the region’s ancient Bedouin heritage and culture.

Red dune safari

Embark on a safari to the Lahbab region’s crimson dunes for an unforgettable desert experience. Its natural beauty is unique. Everything about it reminds me of a colorful painting coming to life.

How to choose a desert safari Dubai?

It would be the best help if you thought about your budget, the amenities you’d like, and the time of day you’d like to go to the desert before you book a desert safari.

Those with limited time should opt for a morning safari; those with more flexibility should consider an evening or overnight desert safari.

The cost of a safari through the desert varies. The cost of your safari will depend on several factors, including the type of vehicle you rent, whether you opt for a shared or private transfer to and from the desert, and the number of added extras you request.

It would be the best help to go with a dependable tour operator when planning your dream trip through the desert.

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