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Which Metrics Matters More for Gaining Business Insights?

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Everyone who is doing business has a dream of being successful. How many of you know where success begins? It begins with knowing your numbers. With Gym Software System insights, step yourself away from the headache of spreadsheets. Business insights pull your most important data and give access to real-time views. You can easily access the performance against your KPIs and benchmarks like sales and productivity. Staying up to date with data is an excellent source of optimizing and maximizing reporting.

There is a possibility that there will be more insights than you realize. The most delegated decisions depend on insights. Businesses have now become more complex and dynamic. Managers have to make the best decision under time pressure. Often time limit becomes too low because of the availability of inaccurate data.

According to McKinsey & Company, decision-making takes up a considerable portion of the management’s time. It could be up to 70% for some C-suite executives. All decisions can’t be treated equally. So, fitness businesses have to learn to treat different choices differently.

Challenges can arise for managers in the gap between a conceptual understanding of what to do and its ability.


Common ChallengesChallenges For ManagersChallenges For Staff
Sharing of historical norms of accountability·        It is difficult to overcome the perception that delegating is not a strength.

·        Enable others to learn from their mistakes.

·        Stepping outside the box provided by the manager.

·        Getting the confidence to try new things, knowing that mistakes will not harm their job.

Low commitment to invest in training·        Devoting time to helping others in doing what you already know how to do.

·        Ignoring the temptation to always take a lead.

·        Overcoming the comfort zone rather than taking a lead and learning through feedback.
Lack of capabilities, skills and support·        Not giving preference to the use of a performance management system.

·        Prioritizing avoidance of failure rather than innovation and learning.

·        Not having problem-solving and decision-making skills.

·        Thinking more about penalizing on failure rather than being rewarded on success.


The most important question is, how do you decide which metrics for gaining business insights matter more?

1.    Admin Panel:

This is the starting phase of personalizing the business insights experience. You need to ensure that business information is current and set up staff credentials. Furthermore, select which metrics you want to make visible. There are various options from which you can choose like:

  • Customer
  • Staff
  • Location
  • Product
  • Class-based options

Choose whatever your business may need. Let’s look at some strategies you can make relevant to the most significant problems through insights.

  • Are you looking for options to increase revenue?

You need to raise the average selling ticket via add-ons and the right selling strategies. Even the slightest improvement can help you in the flourishing bottom line.

  • Is your staff taking more time to educate clients about services?

Simply, you need to track the sales per guest and get your upsell on.

2.    Targets:

You can set targets easily for the most critical business metrics. For that purpose, time tracking software plays an immense role in tracking the employees’ worked hours. It makes it easier to increase productivity.

It can be of one location or multiple locations. It would be great to allow your staff to improve their numbers with that information.

  • Are you dealing at multiple locations with differing numbers of staff?

If you want that everyone hit his mark, set a target y location.

  • Are you finding it difficult to manage small and prominent locations in one place?

You need to ensure that large regions have a higher dollar flat rate. It allows you to quickly compare them in the metrics tab.

3.    Leaderboard:

This feature of software helps in comparing data with the previous year. You can measure performance with it and reach new objectives. It is easy to evaluate data with different perspectives like location, district, and employee level.

Here are some tips for using leaderboard at its full potential.

  • Do you want to outperform last year’s numbers?

You only have to set a percentage for year-over-year performance tracking.

  • How can you check spring metrics against fall performance?

The best way to smash your goals is to set a fixed number to compare against.

4.    Dashboards:

If you have multiple dashboards, the insights will be endless. Their presence allows them to share analytics through easy-to-read charts and tables. It helps in aligning your team to act together. They quickly show in the form of numbers you are looking for. All great systems like Wellyx personalize your view of business growth via dashboards.

  • Are you not sure where to manage the analytics of the dashboard? 

Without any rocket science, switch to design mode and highlight the critical figures.

  • Do you want a quick overview of your published metrics in one place?

Simply view the dashboard in live mode. It allows you to review, edit, and share your most valuable information.

So far have discussed how to set business targets by using insights. Now, it’s time to reach the next level and empower your staff. Sharing business information motivates them to thrive and be with you for a long time.

The valuable data engage your team with meaningful recognition when doing better. The additional feedback button and support can be an excellent helping hand.

Summing Up:

Business insight is not essential only to maintain files or financial statements. It’s a resource that helps you set targets, meet goals, and measure performance. Being a gym owner, you need to give your team what they need by implementing Gym Management System. In that way, they feel empowered to work faster, smarter, and with passion.

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