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Why Mothers Rings are Worn?

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A mother’s ring is a piece of symbolic jewelry that represents the diverse family of a mother or grandmother. The ring is accented with one or more birthstones; the birthstones represent the woman wearing the ring’s children or grandchildren, who can be living or deceased. Some families, however, have decided to include additional birthstones on the ring to represent other family members.

To represent the birth month of each family member on the ring, the stones on the ring can be either artificially simulated stones or authentic birthstones (what we sell primarily – which is the true representation of a child’s birth month). Some rings are also personalized with names engraved on them, while others include both the names and the birthstones.


Mothers rings are an exceptional way to express pride in their family without having to say anything. Mother’s rings are stunning fashion accessories that show the world how much a woman’s family means to her. Furthermore, the rings provide a high-end and polished look to many outfits, as the birthstones (whether genuine or simulated) will sparkle in any light for years to come. Mother’s rings are timeless pieces of jewelry that will never be considered gaudy or tacky and will remain a favorite piece of your mother’s jewelry for many years to come.


Mother’s Ring Meaning

There are several different theories as to why mother’s rings became popular around the world. However, there is no official version of the story. The three most popular mother’s rings stories on the Internet today are listed below.

Mother’s rings were created by a jeweler who discovered a way to use small screws with stones arranged in them to place birthstones on top of these screws. The reasoning behind the new birthstone arrangement was that a lady might want to wear her child’s birth month on her as a reminder of that child. The new design made it possible to wear multiple stones on one ring as a memorial ring in a fashionable and convenient way.

Mother’s rings would sell well during the Mother’s Day season because they are a popular gift for mothers. The Mother’s ring would be made up of two wedding bands fused together by the birthstones of the couple’s sons, so the overall complexity of the ring would be quite simple.

Around 90 years ago, on Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis of the United States developed an idea she called Mother’s Day. Her entire motivation for creating the idea was to honor her late mother with a special day set aside just for her. Anna spent many hours pleading with her church leaders about the importance of being a mother on a special day in May. Woodrow Wilson established the Mother’s Day International Association and declared that the second Sunday in May would be the official Mother’s Day, to be celebrated nationally. People began to buy jewelry with their children’s birthstones on it as gifts for their mothers. The Mother’s ring was created after several years of development.

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