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Why Pima Cotton Shirts are Different from Others 

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For every man, it is very important to look good. Wearing proper stylish outfits makes one look suave and a gentleman. As the seasons turn from spring into summer, people are always in search of clothes that look great. Good clothes help us stay comfortable all the season long. So, when you have to choose the best fabric, then it is recommended that you choose none other than Pima cotton. One of the best things that you can add to your wardrobe is the soft, breathable, and sturdy Pima cotton wear. Many people would like to know what Pima Cotton is. Let’s’ have a look at what it is exactly – 

About Cotton 

One of the things that you should know is that cotton mostly comes from 2 different plant species. Another thing, one of the most common types of cotton is upland cotton, which makes up to 90% of all cotton that is made around the globe. The remaining 10% is made from the 2 highest quality kinds of cotton which is Pima cotton, and Egyptian cotton – which are made from both extra-long-staple cottons. It has a longer, individual, silkier cotton fiber that makes a superior fabric that is soft and strong (luxurious and incredible). In addition, you should know that Egyptian cotton is one of the most authentic ones. 

Why Pima Shirts are so Good 

Let’s look at what makes Pima Cotton Shirts so great? You also get pima cotton t shirt , for men. When people think about what they love about their favorite shirts that they wear – then probably they will think of shirts that come with comfort, style, and durability. This will come to their mind. For a good summer shirt, one of the fabrics is a winner and that is none other than the cotton shirts. Cotton shirts are breathable, versatile, and absorbent – which makes them an original and all-natural performance material. It helps the wearer to stay cool when the temperature is on the rise. Another important thing, that you will note about the Pima cotton is that Pima cotton is the highest quality cotton that is available – thankfully it has long silky fibers. It means that Pima cotton t-shirts, polo, dress shirts, and t-shirts, are the most comfortable items in your closet. 

Resists Fading 

Pima cotton shirts are stronger, softer, and more colorfast. One of the best parts that you will know about Pima cotton shirts is that it resists fading and piling. It is very easy to maintain. You can also machine wash it and be assured that the fabric remains intact and there is no change in the color, and material. Let’s look at how to shop for Pima Cotton Shirts. You can check online for the best quality t-shirts for men. Many people will mostly check the shirt labels and brands and sizes and country of origin. Most of the time it is easy to overlook fabric. So, you should take a moment and read the full labeling on the tag or packaging as it will help you to be sure that you are getting a premium quality product or shirt.  


One of the things that you should know is that the labeling of cotton can be confusing and sloppy producers may try to mix another different cotton to pass it off as a superior fabric. If you want to make sure that you get the best, make sure that you know the FTC regulations. You should look for more than 100% cotton and choose good companies who make transparent, sustainable, clear sourcing and that is verifiable. So, you should always choose a Pima cotton shirt as this is the only good company from where you can get authentic cotton shirts. 

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