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What Is The Wordle Answer Today? #379 July 3

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Looking for the Wordle solution for Sunday, July 3, 2022? There are six guesses. One word with five letters. 378 consecutive days Wordle has become an accepted part of the global daily routine at this point. It’s probably a good thing there’s only one Wordle puzzle per day, because the game is so addicting that I’d probably spend entire days playing it otherwise.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re having trouble solving today’s Wordle. We’ll give you today’s Wordle answer and, if necessary, an explanation of the word. But first, we’ll give you a few hints to help you figure out the answer on your own.

Wordle Hints and Tips for July 3

Fortunately, we can begin July on a lighter note because this word is a food item! This tasty food item, small and brown, is commonly found as an accompaniment to Mexican-style dishes. It’s usually served whole or mashed and refried, making it a tasty accompaniment to carne asada. They’re also likely to be found in a burrito, enchilada, or taco!

If you’re still stumped, here’s another hint: it’s a type of bean. This bean is one of the two most popular choices in Mexican-style cuisine, so that should help you narrow down your options considerably.

What Is Today’s Wordle Answer? (3rd of July)

The answer to the Wordle puzzle for July 3 is “LILAC.”

Merriam-Webster defines lilac as “a widely cultivated European shrub (Syringa vulgaris) of the olive family with cordate ovate leaves and large panicles of fragrant pinkish-purple or white flowers.”

That brings us to the end of the first Wordle puzzle of July! Continue to check Wordle when it updates at midnight local time. If you need little push in the right direction, the next guide will be ready soon! Please keep today’s Wordle answer a secret until those around you have had a chance to complete the daily puzzle for themselves. Keep that knowledge tightly guarded within your internal hutch so that it does not interfere with other players’ enjoyment of the game.

Past Wordle answers

Below is a list of all previous solutions, so you can get a sense of what Wordle is all about and know which words to avoid guessing for future Wordles.

Saturday July 1st (#378): EGRET

Friday, July 1st (#377): PINTO
Thursday, June 30th (#376): HUTCH
Wednesday, June 29th (#375): GAWKY
Tuesday, June 28th (#374): DROLL
Monday, June 27th (#373): RETRO
Sunday, June 26th (#372): RUSTY
Saturday, June 25th (#371): BEADY
Friday, June 24th (#370): SMITE

Other Previously Used Wordle Words:

369 Answers (June 23) — BRINK
368 Answers (June 22) — AWFUL
367 Answers (June 21) — GLOAT
366 Answers (June 20) — INPUT
365 Answers (June 19) — LOSER
364 Answers (June 18) — CACAO
363 Answers (June 17) — BLOWN
362 Answers (June 16) — APRON
361 Answers (June 15) — PRIMO
360 Answers (June 14) — ATONE
359 Answers (June 13) — DONOR
358 Answers (June 12) — FLOAT
357 Answers (June 11) — GOOSE
356 Answers (June 10) — PIETY
355 Answers (June 9) — GIRTH
354 Answers (June 8) — TRAIT
353 Answers (June 7) — FLOOD
352 Answers (June 6) — GLOOM
351 Answers (June 5) — DEPTH
350 Answers (June 4) — FROTH
349 Answers (June 3) — PHASE
348 Answers (June 2) — SHOWY
347 Answers (June 1) — CREAK

Wordle Answer May 2022

346 Answers (May 31) — MANOR
345 Answers (May 30) — ATOLL
344 Answers (May 29) — BAYOU
343 Answers (May 28) — CREPT
342 Answers (May 27) — TIARA
341 Answers (May 26) — ASSET
340 Answers (May 25) — VOUCH
339 Answers (May 24) — ALBUM
338 Answers (May 23) — HINGE
337 Answers (May 22) — MONEY
336 Answers (May 21) — SCRAP
335 Answers (May 20) — GAMER
334 Answers (May 19) — GLASS
333 Answers (May 18) — SCOUR
332 Answers (May 17) — BEING
331 Answers (May 16) — DELVE
330 Answers (May 15) — YIELD
329 Answers (May 14) — METAL
328 Answers (May 13) — TIPSY
327 Answers (May 12) — SLUNG
326 Answers (May 11) — FARCE
325 Answers (May 10) — GECKO
324 Answers (May 9) — FETUS
323 Answers (May 8) — CANNY
322 Answers (May 7) — MIDST
321 Answers (May 6) — BADGE
320 Answers (May 5) — HOMER
319 Answers (May 4) — TRAIN
318 Answers (May 3) — HAIRY
317 Answers (May 2) — STORY
316 Answers (May 1) — FORGO

Wordle avoids repeating words whenever possible. Perhaps the New York Times will have to start recycling old words one day, but there are a lot of viable five-letter words to choose from for the time being, so feel free to use this archive to see if the word you’re about to guess has already been used and thus cannot be the solution to today’s puzzle.

What exactly is Wordle?


Wordle is a simple daily word game played on a grid. The goal is to guess the hidden five-letter word for that day by typing in five-letter words as guesses.

With each guess, the tiles of some letters may illuminate yellow or green, indicating whether any of the letters you’ve used appear in the solution word:

Green: Green indicates that the letter appears in the same position in the solution word.

Yellow: A letter that appears in the solution word but in a different position is indicated by the color yellow.

Grey: Grey indicates that letter does not appear in the solution word.

Using this information, you can gradually learn more about which letters are in the solution word, hopefully providing you with enough information to correctly guess it. You have a total of six guesses: if you don’t find the solution word by your sixth guess, you’ve lost that day’s Wordle.

You are only allowed to play one Wordle per day. So, once you’ve finished today’s Wordle, you won’t be able to play again until tomorrow.

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