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5 Common Misconceptions That Might Keep You Back From Rehab

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Developing codependency on any substance is difficult to recover from on your own. Addiction is a type of mental condition. It can happen to anyone at any time. This is why you must look into the services available when you recognize that you need help. However, asking for and receiving support is not easy for anyone, especially regarding issues related to codependency. 

The stigma around rehab centers also doesn’t help your case pushing your further away from these establishments than lean on them for support. But, no matter how much the people around you try to keep away from checking into a rehab center, the information they peddle is nothing more than myths. Rehabs are certified and legitimate medical centers aimed to help you get better. Therefore it is essential to debunk all the surrounding misinformation, and so here’s what you need to know:

  • Rehab Centers Cure You Overnight

Rehabilitation centers are well aware of the timeline for anyone suffering from addiction to recover. Depending on how long you’ve been suffering from substance abuse, your timeline will get constructed according to your current situation. No rehab institute can cure you overnight or force you to improve in twenty-four hours. 

Establishments like Delphi Group follow a comprehensive program addressing all the services you need to improve. This is spanned over a realistic schedule to ensure that you get better gradually and gently without rushing you into recovery. Suppose you try quitting your codependency problem and healing yourself in hours. In that case, you’ll endanger your life and experience unwanted side effects that may require hospitalization. 

  • Rehabs Are For Celebrities Alone

The paparazzi are known for associating rehabs with celebrities. This creates an impression that rehab care is designed for the rich and famous alone. However, this is not the case. Rehab centers are for anyone struggling with codependency issues, no matter your socio-economic background. Numerous affordable options available will not put a dent in your budget once you check into them. Certain health insurance companies also provide coverage for rehab centers, allowing you to copay for treatment and save money.

  • Rehabs Are Bad For Your Health

Getting treated for addiction is painful. No matter how gentle a rehab center is, you cannot stop withdrawals and side effects of abuse in the first place. However, this doesn’t mean that a rehab center is wrong or will make you miserable. The staff will actively try their best to look after you and ease your suffering as much as they can. 

Therefore, when you go through detox, you will be under strict supervision to carefully rid your body of the toxins it’s carrying. You will not be left to deal with your body shivering, trembling, or convulsing alone. Anytime you experience symptoms like muscle aches, diarrhea, epilepsy, or even abdominal cramps, the staff will intervene and provide you relief. There are also inbuilt inpatient treatment facilities within rehabs, where a qualified doctor will look after you, monitor your health, supervise your treatment and ensure that you recover the best way possible. 

Rehabs also have therapists and counselors around the clock who will help you understand the cause of your codependency, provide realistic coping mechanisms to prevent yourself from giving in to cravings, and teach you how to avoid triggers. In this manner, you will get better when you are watched over, cared for, and treated without letting your emotional, physical and mental well-being suffer. This makes rehab centers the ideal venue for your health.

  • There Is No Coming Back From A Relapse

More than 60% of people who get treated for substance abuse may experience a relapse. This is not a sign of failure, nor does it imply that the help you received in rehab didn’t work. Relapse is a part of recovery. Human beings are not switches that healthcare centers can turn on and off as they please. For any treatment route, it takes time for the patient to get better, adjust to their new routine and get back to living without using substances. 

When you return from rehab, it is natural to feel a complex mix of emotions; you may feel guilty, ashamed, and, at the same time, struggle with your new life. Cravings and withdrawal can also hit you at any given moment. Likewise, when you visit familiar spaces that remind you of your substance usage days, your emotions can get overwhelming. None of this is out of the ordinary, and if you slip and give into your cravings, that doesn’t mean you failed. Rehab centers are still in place to help you and prescribe another treatment route to help you get better without guilt-tripping you.

  • You Will Have To Put Your Life On Hold

Rehab centers don’t always need you to become institutionalized. Depending on your condition, you can opt for inpatient or outpatient facilities. Inpatient facilities allow patients to stay at the center and seek active treatment. Rehabs will always accommodate you if you can afford to take time off and get yourself treated. On the other hand, you can still get treated while you are at home. 

Outpatient facilities allow patients to carry on with their routine and check in with the rehab according to the prescribed schedule. You will get your appointments for the week and, following the treatment program designed for you, go in for a few hours before you can go back home. As a result, you may continue working and live your life without putting it on pause.

Final Thoughts

Rehab centers are the ideal venue to help you recover from codependency issues. However, the rumors around these establishments make it hard for people to trust these institutes and shun them. But, like every myth and misconception, these statements have no truth. Rehabs are not malicious centers that aim to hold you captive or harm you. Instead, these are well-regulated programs that comprehensively look after you. 

No rehab will force you to quit drug abuse overnight or follow a price range that is too costly for you to afford. If you return from rehab and experience a relapse, these institutes will still welcome you and look after you again.

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