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Starting university life is like forging oneself toward new avenues of experience. As soon as students decided to leave home to study at a university, they embark on a new journey of independence and self-discovery that shapes their long-term view of life.

Most students are unprepared and overwhelmed by the challenges of college, which means they really struggle to meet the tough time adjusting to their new life. Among these problems on such is the difficulty in dissertation writing. Realizing this fact dissertation writing UK based is offering services all over the world. This helps students get comfortable with this new journey with the passage of time. 


It is better for students to frame their minds and get prepared mentally and emotionally for whatever challenges university life has in store for them be it sleep, stress or anxiety. Various academic help services like dissertation proposal writing service UK based consider some common problems that university students must keep in mind in order to develop a perspective leading to solutions. No matter, what the reason is, the problem is non-escapable (Bestassignmentwriters, 2022)


Whether it is about the student who has just joined the campus environment or the one who has returned to it after the holidays, it will be a balancing act, especially on the first assignment of a student. The first year of university is always the hardest to adjust to student life. So students must accept a phase of anxiety initially.

A lot of students suffer from some cultural shock. This is because of the difference in the culture of students they experience at home or at school. Also, it is important to assume that variations do occur among people so they do not need to panic about every knick-knack.  Take the time and wait until everything gets to a normal state where a student ends up loving a student life. 


Since most of the students experience being away from home for the first time towards the start of university life, homesickness is a must to hit them. However, with the help of modern means of communication, most students can use the Internet to keep in touch with their parents, family, and friends. Technological advancement has already sorted this problem out.


Most of the students experience the pressure of getting good grades. Especially those who are bearing their own expenses so they do not want to squander their money. Even if they are not doing it and are dependent on parents for study expenditures still good grades are all a student aspires. This is because of enormous social and educational consequences if they fail academically.

 Students need to study much more than before and also they must put more emphasis on learning than on getting good grades. The study must inculcate some learning attitude among its aspirants rather than making it look like a race.


With the recent increase in the cost of higher education all over the world, the number of students seeking career advice has increased dramatically. Mental health problems among students are more common than ever, as shown by surveys conducted in this regard. Know that one way to avoid anxiety and stress is to enjoy one’s time at college, focus on studies, and find a good balance between the two. This will definitely help in making the expenditures worth it.

The trouble of choosing the right subject is another major problem. Children are forced by families to choose the natural sciences against their will. This stems from the tradition that knowledge helps students find a job. If the student is not scientifically inclined, it can be stressful.

 It is very important to choose the right subject as a specialization. Scientists do not fully define a career. It is more important to acquire the right skills that contribute to employment. Also, the right subject is more about gaining knowledge than the degree. Therefore, students should pay more attention to learning.


Making friends in a new place is hard. Often students make the mistake of thinking they will make new friends in university who share their interests. One can be friends and be oneself at the same time, which means there is no need to get fit in the interests of other people.

 One should be patient and do things that one enjoys. In twenty first century, abundant innovative tools have been identified by the researchers to evaluate the conceptual understandings, problem solving, beliefs and attitudes (Reddy, 2017)


Students may be able to find a place in a hostel or youth hostel, but it is hard to find a student hostel that suits the temperament of a student. Students need to take into account various factors while taking decisions such as distance, income, skills, roommates, etc. Students have constant problems with accommodation, so if possible arrange accommodation before leaving home to avoid hindrances later. Student housing is after all an issue that exists so they need to be well prepared to pay for it.


Students almost always struggle with time management. They are always caught on a long to-do list which includes the continuation of their studies, being alone and doing home chores, socializing, and maybe working to cover expenses. 

This leaves no room to sit and properly plan a schedule. Even if they are successful in the formulation of the schedule it becomes quite a task to stick to it. They sleep at random hours and do everything at the last minute. This behavior is counterintuitive, so at least students should make a rough schedule, which can be helpful in utilizing the time more efficiently.  It can leave students in awe when they can have plenty of free time left.


Higher education is a priority. Students are bound to have some hindrances at the initial stages. Therefore, they must have an attitude that all the problems and costs are worth it. Hence, students should leave no stone unturned to pursue higher education.


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