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Why Should Every Man Have White T-Shirts In Their Closet?

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Whether a woman works in an office or has a home office setup, you’ll always find a little black dress in their wardrobe. Just like a little black dress is a staple for women’s closets, there are some fashion staples for men as well.A plain white t-shirt is the little black dress equivalent for men. If you are planning to upgrade your wardrobe and want to include some fresh styles, don’t forget to invest in some good quality white plain t shirts

From amazing versatility to easy availability, here are 5 reasons you should always have a plain white T-shirt in your wardrobe. 

5 Reasons Men’s Wardrobe Should Have White T-Shirts

Imparts A Simple Yet Classical Look

If you want to follow clean and classical fashion, a plain white T-shirt is your perfect companion. Whether it is a crew neck, a V-shaped neck or a Polo collar, a white T-shirt has earned itself a coveted place in any man’s closet. A white t-shirt can make you look effortlessly stylish.

To update your wardrobe with these sophisticated fashion staples in an affordable way, it is recommended that you opt for wholesale t-shirts. 

Immense Versatility

White is a unique shade that compliments almost every colour palette, whether it’s dark or light. You can wear a white T-shirt with washed jeans or dark-coloured chinos. 

All you need to do is find the right jacket, jeans or trousers and footwear to create an appealing attire with a white T-shirt. 

Buy cheap plain t shirts from Australia through online wholesale retailers. 

Reflects Your Style Sense And Personality

White T-shirt functions as a canvas to create different attires and look. You can wear a white t-shirt in different ways to reflect your style sense and personality. If you want to create a calm and composed look, go for blazers or simple blue jeans. 

However, if you have an experimental style sense, you can easily pair up your white T-Shirt with leather jackets, bright coloured joggers and sneakers and much more.

With the option of purchasing bulk t shirts you can save considerable money while staying updated with the latest fashion. 

Freedom To Wear Anywhere

From the office to the bar, a white t-shirt can be worn anywhere and everywhere. Whether you are going out on a date, attending a social event, Indulging in shopping, going for regular groceries, or planning a casual fun day with your friends, a white T-shirt lets you create your own style statement on almost every occasion. 

Whether you believe in modern styling or love classical, traditional fashion, a white T-shirt will never disappoint you. 

Power To Make You Look Your Best

Whether you’re attending a corporate party or family function, you always want to look your best. Thankfully, white T-shirts have the power to make you look incredibly sophisticated and fashion-forward on every occasion. 

All you need to do is select the correct fit. Wondering how to find the correct fit and sizing for white plain t shirts? Keep reading! 

3 Important Factors To Consider While Purchasing White Plain T-Shirts

White t-shirts come in a wide array of styles and fabrics and are designed for different purposes. 

While purchasing a t-shirt from an online store, consider the following three factors: 

Determine The Primary Use Of Your T-Shirt

First and foremost, understand why you require a white T-shirt. Do you need it for office wear, sportswear air, or a versatile solution for different events? In such scenarios, the fabric of your t-shirt plays a pivotal role. 

If you are specifically purchasing t-shirts for sportswear, moisture-wicking and quick dry technology can be incredibly helpful. However, for generic regular wear, 100% cotton is the best choice. Cotton T-shirts are comfortable, breathable and easy to maintain. 

Determining the intent of purchasing wholesale t shirts makes the entire shopping process easier. 


Styling a white T-shirt is subjective and depends on your personal fashion preferences. 

Even the most basic plain white t-shirts have several styling options to consider. The neckline, length of the t-shirt and fitting varies from one brand to another. 

Planning to wear your white T-shirt as an undershirt, V-neck, and slim-fit T-shirts might be the best option. However, for an everyday relaxed look, go for crew neck t-shirts. 

T-Shirt Fabric

Generally, plain T-shirts are designed with different fabrics, including rayon, polyester linen and the most common 100% cotton. 

While cotton is the most recommended fabric for any occasion, you can choose other materials for bulk t shirts depending on your individual requirements. You need to ensure two important things while choosing a fabric:

  •  it should be easy to maintain
  •  it should be comfortable and not cause any skin reactions. 

Understanding The Sizing Aspect Of Plain White T-Shirt

When choosing a t-shirt, a great fit is particularly important. 


Whether you are choosing a v-neck or crew neck T-shirt, the collar should always sit against your shoulders and at the neck’s baseline. If your pecs or collar bones are visible, the fitting is too large. 


Excessively wide Shoulders can spoil the look of your t-shirt. The stitching needs to sit at the end of your shoulder and form a perfect right angle where it meets your arm. You should be able to comfortably move without any fabric pulling. 


Your t-shirt should not be excessively tight around your shoulders. Ensure that there is adequate space to breathe and move even if you are opting for a skin-fit t-shirt. Excessively tight t-shirts will end up having creases and give a cluttered look. 


Pay specific attention to the length and width of your sleeves when buying cheap plain t shirts Australia. Your sleeve should always end about midway between your armpit and elbow. 


The length of the t-shirt should be two inches below your waistband. Longer lengths might make you look shorter.


While t-shirts are the wardrobe staple for almost every man. If you’re planning to upgrade your wardrobe, it is recommended that you go for bulk purchases as they are the most affordable option. Also, don’t forget to conduct research before selecting an online store for purchasing t-shirts. 


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